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Happy 2015 everyone!

My first day of the new year yesterday was fun but very relaxedI manage to slot in some shopping time, too! I went with an "elevated" version of casual for my day out yesterday with my sequinned Mickey t-shirt, denim jacket and my burnt orange palazzo pants. Since I didn't go out the night before, I sported on the possibly mandatory New Year red lippie as well.

I've been very accepting of the fact that it's a new year, which is odd, considering I used to always mistaken the first few days of a new year as the year before.
I was in the bank today and when I was filling up a form, I had no problem writing "2/1/2015" at all! In the past I would have written "2/1/14" then be like "Oh dang, it's a new year, I've written the date wrong" and would have to hastily cancel it out and write the proper year, like "2/1/14 15"which is a perfectly acceptable mistake to do, I think!

Anyway, I had a lovely time ringing in the new year. My "party days" are long over so I had a quiet night in with Shah; we watched a movie with our Chili's takeout and pints of Baskin Robbins (my favourite flavour was available!).  I would have celebrated with my siblings at my parents' but since two of them were feeling a little flu-ish, we decided to let them rest (and not catch the flu ourselves).

 Denim jacket: Bershka   |   Sequinned Mickey Mouse t-shirt: Girlies Barn   |   Palazzo pants: Teetoo   |   Leopard print loafers: Twins De Castle   |   Handbag: Louis Vuitton Speedy 30

I hope you all had a great, safe time ushering in 2015 and had a lovely first day of the new year as well.

On another note: Thank you so much for spending your time visiting Affordorable.com in 2014; I hope you all will keep on coming this new year! I still have some posts on Tokyo coming soon so look out for those.
Love you guys xxoo


  1. Happy new year! Really liking the outfit - I think leopard print looks amazing with orange and red.. I always pair mine with red. And obviously the Mickey tee speaks for itself, so cute!

    1. Thanks so much, Sam! Believe it or not, I bought the tee for RM 19, which is like...4 pounds? Leopard print + red = my fave combo as well! Lately I've been into orange too, especially the burnt shades.


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