If you had expected Tokyo to be less cold in late February compared to early Decemberwinter versus early spring and all that you'd be in for a surprise. Like I was.

I was so, so glad to have this split sides sweater to accompany me to Tokyo. It's thin but cosy enough, and the best part is it "hangs" on me in just the perfect way.

And, oh my God, I finally own a fuzzy jacket and I am LOVING it. RM 40 in H&M sale, guys, can you even believe it?
I wish I could wear it here but I have a feeling that having it on in a place where the average temperature is 33 degrees, with super high humidity level, is just me asking for trouble. I feel faint even in a tee and cardigan sometimes here; that's just how hot Malaysia is. 

I'm mentally berating myself for not wearing this fuzzy baby more often when I was in Japan, because honestly, I love it so much.

Fuzzy jacket: H&M   |   Split sides sweater: H&M   |   Pants: Cotton On   |   Ankle booties: Forever 21