Seriously, I don't even know what to call these pants (they're pants, guys).

Should I call them skirt-pants, or perhaps skants, which sounds like a bad word? Or maybe the ultimate palazzo pants?

I got these polka dot pants at Kinji Used Clothing, the same place where I bought this retro-looking top (in which I pair it with a different version of skirt-pants). I love Kinji; I discovered it only in my second trip in May after Googling "vintage shopping Tokyo". 

If you're really into proper vintage hunting, Kinji wouldn't be at the top of the list of shops you'd go to in Tokyo as Tokyo is chock-full of amazing vintage stores, but with my kind of normal-everyday-person budget, Kinji would be a great shopping destination for a little taste of vintage. It's full of second-hand clothings but they do stock vintage high-end items as well, which means that if you're there on your lucky day, you might just get your hands on a piece of treasure. 

I wouldn't call these polka dot pants "treasure" but, seriously, how comfortable do they look, right?

Honestly the most voluminous and airy pants I have ever owned and I'm all loved up.

I spotted a red version at first but then saw these black ones and I decided to get both of them. At 700 yen a apiece (happy danceee) they're such bargains.

Under RM150
Adidas Relace Low sneakers

Under RM100
Zara split sides top

Under RM30
Polka dots pants from Kinji Used Clothing


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