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"Vintage" is a sacred word in fashion so I always try not to use it carelessly, but it's sort of a romantic idea of mine to call this top my own vintage find.

I got this fab striped, button-at-the-back top from Kinju Used Clothing store in Omotesando back in May and never found the right moment to wear it until I came back here to Tokyo. The thing is, it doesn't look old enough to be vintage but the unique, 70's cut of it makes me think it could actually pass off as one.

I imagine that buttoning the top all the way down the back would give anyone a very pin-up look, especially if that person matches it with something black and tightbut going in the direction of my personal style, loosening the top just makes more sense (and makes it more comfortable!).

Best part about this top? It was like 900 yen, guys. 900 YEN. That's like RM 30. Or 9 US dollars. It's crazy.

Pairing it with these skirt-pants (skants?) from Zara that I have never worn but bought AGES agoearly 2013, to be exact. Anyway, it's so me; sometimes I wait forever to wear something new (even though it's considered old by the time I wore it, you know what I mean) but once in a while I buy something and put it on right off the bat, like those silver 300 yen round sunglasses (that's like RM9, or 2 US dollars, guys) and those Adidas sneakers (never again wearing white to a sunflower field, or any field as a matter of fact).

Kate Spade wicker camera shoulder bag

Under RM150
Zara skirt-pants
Adidas espadrilles sneakers

Under RM50
Striped top from Kinji Used Clothing


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