I used to think I would never go for anything marigold to fill up my closet, but I guess that's why Justin Bieber reminded us to "never say never." (I feel like any Justin Bieber reference is OK now because his new music is really good.)

It took me about three weeks to decide if I should get these pants. I saw them, thought about it, went home, slept on it, went back to see them, thought about itmy point is, it was a vicious cycle, guys. I was thinking, "Marigold pants? Should I own a pair of marigold pants? Do I even want to?" It was really weird. On the last day before I was due to leave Japan I "visited" the pants again and Shah finally said "Just get them already." So, I did, and I'm so glad no one snapped them up in the three weeks (they were the last pair) as I'm really into these pants and also the shade marigold now.

Kinji Used Clothing vintage Levi's oversized denim jacket
H&M t-shirt
Ciaopanic marigold pants
Adidas AdiHoney Mid W sneakers
Ciaopanic handbag