I had a surge in the number of shoes I own since my first trip to Tokyo. Obviously the reason for it is seeing these kickass cool kids of Tokyo in their kicks, getting inspired by them all and going "I want that" and "But I might need those too" and buying all of them without considering the consequences. There was definitely one thing I did not consider in, say, the madness of purchasing six different kinds of sneakers in one trip: the space to properly store them all.

So how to store shoes in a small, tight space that is the corner of my walk-in closet/room (a tiny room that I turned into a closet, that is)? I figured that there is only one way, and that is up:

Stacking them up, that is.

I do love the keep the original boxes of the shoes I bought but since Shah and I brought plenty of shoes from overseas and couldn't fit the boxes into our luggages (we always filled them to the brim with goodies), it was a good idea for us to buy these see-through stackable plastic boxes from Daiso. I love the practicality of these boxes, as they allow us to instantly see the shoes we want to wear and they also eliminate any possible "shoe odour" that I prefer not to have mingling with my clothes.

I used to arrange my shoes on the floor, or outside our front door (which was dangerous since my dad thinks we have too much shoes and is always threatening to throw some away when he comes visit), both of which were not very practical and looked really messy, as you can see:

I laid down papers underneath the shoes because I intensely dislike the idea of getting my floors dirty (which is totally normal, by the way).

There are three downsides, though, to using the stackable Daiso boxes: (1) it takes a longer time to extract a pair of shoes that's in a box near the ground, (2) not all shoes would fit into these one-size-only boxes, like my boots and high-heels, but luckily I can still make use of the floor and my three-tiered shoe racks for the heavier and taller shoes:

and (3) they don't look as glamorous as the displayed shoes we used to see on MTV Cribs.
But I'm really OK with that, so it's all good.

Until I get a real built-in sort of shoe storage space, I'll be sticking to this way to store all my shoes!