Long. Varsity-style. Camel. Varsity-style. Have to say varsity-style again, because that is of course the most important and distinct part about it.
Basically, my dream coat, guys.

For some reason I tend to make a big(ger than my normal) purchase on my Tokyo trips on the first day of shopping there. In my November trip, I secured this long navy blazer on my very first day there. This time, it was this coat. One that appears like it's styled after a varsity jacket, did I mention that? 

And who loves a good varsity jacket? ---> ME.

I'm always convincing myself that I don't need another winter coat, and I don't, honestly; I mean, I'm living in Malaysia which is hot and humid, and not to mention hot AND humid, plus when am I even going to go anywhere wintery again, right? However, what really matters now is, I know that I don't need a camel coat anymore, because I finally own one.

On the other hand, I still don't own a black winter coat, and that's the basic one that everybody should have (aside from camel, of course), so...who knows what the future holds, right?

Photos taken at the beautiful Tokyo station (but we didn't get to explore it for too long!).

Sense of Place long camel coat
Mango denim shirt
Mango grey sweater
Pimkie black slim jeans
Adidas AdiHoney Mid W sneakers