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I was really happy to find out the latest article I wrote for Yahoo! Style UK ended up on Yahoo!'s main site, yahoo.com. It was a really simple, really short and really fun post on denim jacket being the perfect transitional piece for going from winter to spring, so check out the article by clicking here. I'm such a denim-jacket girl myself so I really enjoyed writing it up!

If I'm being honest, the best part about doing the article was looking for those amazing photos of denim jackets that I myself want in my closet! You guys should really go have a look; my personal favourites are the military-style denim jacket and the patched onewhich ones are yours?

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  1. Awesome!!!
    A well deserved main site feature.
    I love the cropped denim jacket, and the oversized one....oh, and the military style with the gig buttons.
    Brilliant work.

    1. Thank you for reading the post, and THANK YOU for the kind words, Samantha!

      PS: Have you done an outfit post featuring an oversized denim jacket? If you haven't (or haven't got one), can you imagine how super cool you'd look in one?


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