Flare Jeans the Revival

I'm totally fixated on denim jeans right now (still not sick of them and always talking about them) so flare ones just seem like a natural progression.

Well, and also because I've worn and re-worn my other jeans so many times that I'm not left with much choices, and these flare jeans just happen to be at the bottom of my stack of jeans...

It's a real revival, alright; these jeans are almost a decade old. A decade. I didn't even realise I could care for a clothing item for that long, so I feel like this should call for a celebration or something. I can't even remember the moment I bought them, but I can tell you for sure now that it is not a joke to say jeans are one of the few things in your closet that will stand the test of time - even when you didn't provide it with as much care and loving!

I remember looking at many old photos of my mom in flare jeans - loads of old photos, and loads of flare jeans. Not just on her but on her sisters, her girl friends, her cousins, her brothers, her guy friends...it was like flare or nothing back then, it seemed! Didn't your moms and aunties and dads and uncles wear the same things, too? I have to say, it's pretty darn cool that flare jeans are being revived again right now - it's truly the circle of life.

Or, OK, it really is the circle of the flare jeans, which is more accurate, but saying Circle of Life sounds deeper, that's all.

This top, by the way, was a birthday present from my little sister. How amazing are those intricate woven patterns? She saw the top in H&M and said it was "so me".
Which I think it might just be.

Wearing: H&M tied top  |  Jeanswest flare jeans  |  Something Borrowed peep toe booties (also worn here and here!)

To be honest, even though I really like this particular pair of flare jeans, I've always been generally hesitant of them. How about you? Are you in on the flare trend that's making its comeback, or not?


  1. I tried it about twelve years ago, bought a flared jeans and never worn it. I had, back then, to skinny legs to wear a flared pants. I love your top, how lovely from your sister!

    1. Hi Nancy! Well, my legs aren't exactly skinny, and I swear I'm not being modest or anything about it! I have a pear-shaped body, with wider hips and thighs, and most flare jeans in store currently don't flatter me because they're much too snug around the thighs. I'm inspired to find new flare pair after re-discovering this decade-old one. Perhaps we all just need to "meet" the right pair...? I hope there's another one for me out there, somewhere!


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