Like Lumberjack

Lumberjack chic is a thing, right?

I'm reviving plenty of old things in this outfit: I loved these cutout boots, a purchase I made in Bershka Shibuya last year and had only worn at most thrice (not for the lack of love though, for sure!) - and believe it or not, the last time I wore this short-front-long-back top was two years ago.

Well, at least nobody can't accuse me of wearing my things only once! I feel like my own best version of a casual Kate Middleton right now, so proud of myself.

I'm foreseeing wearing these boots more often, because girl wants to wear some boots and cutout boots are the only practical boots to wear in hot and humid Malaysia, after all!

Wearing: Adidas jacket  |  Pull & Bear top  |  Bershka boyfriend jeans  |  Bershka cutout boots


  1. Those boots are GORGEOUS! Love love love.
    I need a pair right now. :oD
    They look perfect for summer as well as colder days (with a colourful sock peeping out).
    Another fab look!

    1. Ahhh, I miss experiencing colder days! You're right, the shoes would look super cute with a pair of colourful socks!

  2. AnonymousJune 22, 2016

    I know Sam said this already but it's worth repeating - those boots are epic, Liyana!! Gladiator yet not quite. I just love your style. There's an air of effortless ease to it that I rather quite covet :)

    1. Hi Sheela! Honestly you and Samantha are making me appreciate these boots even more, so thank you ladies <3 and thank you for your kind compliment, too, Sheela. I have to say I constantly try to step up my fearlessness level to match yours, but I'm nowhere near there yet. Maybe some day...hopefully!


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