What Happened Recently

Can you guys believe it's June already?
I can't believe I've been 30 for almost a whole 6 months already!

1) It's the first day of Ramadhan today! I feel very, very blessed and incredibly grateful to have met the holy month again.
My first day of fasting was uneventful and went very well. I made my very first overnight oats for sahur, or suhoor (the pre-dawn meal Muslims eat before fasting starts) in the afternoon for later tonight, complete with organic peanut butter and chia seeds. (Just saying "organic" and "chia seeds" make me feel all super healthy and good, and I bet that doesn't happen with just me.)

Ramadhan sunset <3

2) I watched Angry Birds, Me Before You and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and enjoyed all three.
I've played Angry Birds for like 10 seconds - and I honestly meant 10 seconds in the most literal sense, not kidding - so I didn't have much interest in the movie until I saw its humongous ad poster in the highway and thought Red the red bird and his eyebrows looked too cute to ignore. 
Me Before You was moderately enjoyable but totally made by the sweet, amazing Emilia Clarke, whose eyebrows have the most life I've ever seen in any eyebrows - even more then Red, yesss.
I can't miss TMNT, purely because of my childhood good times with the four turtles!

3) Are you guys as excited about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child script book? I've pre-ordered mine at Popular bookstore, and I really hope I don't get the "Your magical book has arrived" call or text much later than the release date of 31 July.

So what's been happening with you?


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