What To Do When You Left Your Luggage Behind On A Long Trip

Accidentally leaving behind your luggage filled with all your carefully chosen clothes (and undergarments!) on a long trip away from home? I mean, can you think of a worse horror story for someone who tends to really care about what she puts on a daily basis?

That happened to me on the first week of Eid, on Shah's and my trip back to his hometown, which is about 4 to 5 hours of drive from where we live. We had woken up one morning, finished packing and loaded everything into the car and reached Shah's parents' house in good spirit, albeit a little tired. It wasn't until late afternoon when I was about to freshen up that I realised my luggage was missing - which meant we definitely did NOT load everything into the car!

My immediate reaction was to bawl my eyes out, but about two seconds passed before I realised shedding tears would be completely pointless, and wasn't going to change the situation in any way. I then decided to coax my mind into a state of positivity and counted my blessings in that situation:
  • I had all my three pairs of shoes with me (they weren't the best choices but thankfully I hadn't realised it at that moment, or it would've driven me straight into a breakdown)
  • My cabin-sized luggage got a little too full when I was almost done with packing, which resulted in me stuffing a few bras into Shah's duffel bag, alongside my jammies (this never happened; we were always content with individualised packing, even when we travelled overseas)
  • My makeup things were in a separate pink carry-on bag, along with my facial products and perfumes and body spray
  • NEW CLOTHES - which is obviously the real blessing here

So it was shopping timeee! We had about two hours that night to so some serious speedy shopping, and thank God for the mall that just opened last year near my parents-in-law's place; it has a pretty decent H&M, but since I was after appropriately demure dresses to visit relatives of Shah's to do more celebrating of Eid, it was Uniqlo that came to my rescue in the end. (PS: Extra points go to Uniqlo for selling undergarments in relatively more hygienic plastic packaging!)

The dress would have been even more perfect had it not creased too much, which is a pet peeve of mine, but I do like the overlapping of fabrics at the front. I wish I had brought some pretty ballet flats to complement the feminine cut of the dress but my leopard slip-ons would have to do! I have to say, this pretty tie-dyed scarf that I found in Nichii was my favourite part of this outfit.

Wearing: Uniqlo x Hana Tajima black draped dress (it was on sale at RM 59.90!)  |  Nichii tie-dyed scarf  |  Cotton On leopard print slip-ons

Have you ever left a whole luggage of clothes behind on a trip somewhere? Share your story with me if you have!


  1. That is a beautiful scarf. It is awfull when you have forgotten something! I once forgot a medicine and I was on Lanzarote. Total panic, but I phoned my doctor and it was okay, I could do without them for a week! Pffff, and then you think you checked everything at home right!

    1. Forgetting your clothes is NOTHING compared to leaving your vital meds behind! Gosh, that must have been scary for you. I'm glad everything turned OK in the end though. And yes, you'd never think things like these could happen to you, but it happened to me, and now I'm going to tell myself to always re-check!


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