Pink Cool Cat

Honestly, if you ask me to name a colour that I simply have got to own in my closet, the answer would not be bubblegum pink. Bubblegum pink would be one of the last colours to "describe" me, really - and yet here I am in a bubblegum pink sweater. 

And if you're like "OK, so what gives?", the answer is basically this: there is one day in a year that I let someone else pick out what I should wear, and that person is Shah. If you don't know Shah, that's OK, it's cool; I'll just tell you now that he is my husband of almost 7 years, who is largely responsible for all the snaps you see here in Affordorable (and also my Instagram!). That one day happened to be his birthday, which is why I let him have the honour, and all of that.

Except, well, we're both pretty opinionated people, so we usually only get as far as picking out one item in his / her outfit of that day. In this case, I just really, really wanted to finally wear my cat-face jeans - the one that I drove one hour for, guys! - so he got to choose this sweater, which I think I bought in December of 2014...? But never worn, guys; just another one of an old-new sweater.

In all honesty, I actually really adore the pink shade, which was why I got it in the first place but I just never found the right moment to put it on. I guess Shah made the job of finally wearing it easier on me!

Wearing: Zara sweater  |  Sly white shirt  |  Monki cat jeans  |  Vans shoes  |  Prada bag


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