Pretty Little Tiers

Remember that time I lamented about layering in hot weathers and whatnots? All I can say is, there's only one trick for it: wear super thin layers, of course.

Bonus tip, though: stay indoors
Air-conditioned indoors, to be exact.
. . . . . . .

When I saw this dress hanging at Monki's rack, I think it's more like I saw the potential of it; the sleeves were neither long nor three-quarter and the length was neither full-length nor tea-length...basically it was a dress made out of awkward proportions - at least on me. But I loved the asymmetrical tiers so much that all logic went out the mall's windows.

Wearing: Monki dress  |  Mango denim shirt  |  H&M jeans  |  Mango strappy flats  |  Kate Spade wicker camera bag  |  Aldo shades

*PS: My new blog look is nearly completed!


  1. Hi! I nearly never comment but I must say, this is the most awkward looking dress I ever saw! The shape, the ruffles: it has the potential for disaster! But you make it look so beautiful! If I wore a hat I would take it off for you, because miss, you have proven to have what it takes! I look forward to your other looks!

    1. Hi Naomi,

      When I read the first half of your comment I thought "Oh no someone really doesn't like this dress" but then I read the next line, which turned my thoughts and emotions a 180-degree. Thank you so much for your kind compliments! And yes this is probably the most awkward thing I have ever bought for my closet, but I'm going to say it was worth it, just from your comment! Thank you for reading and commenting too, I'm very happy that you did =)


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