Remember that time I lamented about layering in hot weathers and whatnots? All I can say is, there's only one trick for it: wear super thin layers, of course.

Bonus tip, though: stay indoors
Air-conditioned indoors, to be exact.
. . . . . . .

When I saw this dress hanging at Monki's rack, I think it's more like I saw the potential of it; the sleeves were neither long nor three-quarter and the length was neither full-length nor tea-length...basically it was a dress made out of awkward proportions - at least on me. But I loved the asymmetrical tiers so much that all logic went out the mall's windows.

Wearing: Monki dress  |  Mango denim shirt  |  H&M jeans  |  Mango strappy flats  |  Kate Spade wicker camera bag  |  Aldo shades

*PS: My new blog look is nearly completed!