I used to l-o-v-e fringes. I think I was about 20 years old, on my summer break from uni (I studied in New Zealand so summer break was a real thing, unlike in Malaysia) when my best friend bought these amazing black fringed sandals; I remember thinking those sandals have got to be the COOLEST. THING. EVAH.

I wanted them so bad that I immediately went to the same shop and got the same sandals, only in dark brown. They were pretty much all I wore that summer, and I was only ready to take them off when autumn got too cold for bare toes - and continue to wear them out to their death as the weather got warmer again!

I never really dipped back those same toes into anything fringey, until I discovered these fringed loafers, all glorious in its fringe-iness at a Mango outlet - just waiting for me. I'll be honest, they are nowhere near as comfortable as my Stan Smiths but you know what, I feel kind of like a darn cool gentlelady and even totally shabby chic at the same time whenever I have them on - and dare I say, a lot cooler than my 20-year-old self in those fringed sandals.

Stealing this chambray shirt from Shah's closet and matching it with my Japanese culottes to go with these loafers (the delish fruity drink in the cup made a cute accessory, too, not gonna deny).

Wearing: Pull & Bear men's shirt  |  Ciaopanic culottes  |  Mango fringed loafers  |  Natural Beauty Basic clutch (first seen with my Manchester United x Adidas sweater!)