A Whole Lotta Plaid & A Little Fishnet

I'm big on recycling items from my closet to form new outfits for this little virtual style journal of mine; I'm basically like the hijabi, more casual, less proper version of Kate Middleton, really. But it's always exciting to add something new to your OOTD, isn't it? Today it's these little ankle fishnet socks, which is obviously what all style-suckers are trying out and are pretty much unanimously loving (I'm one of them, of course).

It was a mystery; I tried searching for a pair in local stores right before my Shanghai trip in March but for the life of me I could not spot one. Mystery, I tell you.

So, just in case, I brought back two identical pairs. Just in case...

    To see how I style the other stuff from this outfit, check them out in these posts:
    Plaid robe (not a bathrobe, I swear)
    White t-shirt (with glittery gold pocket)
    Ripped jeansBlack boxy sling bag (one of my best finds from Tokyo!)

    Wearing: Mitsumaru Emsexcite robe  |  Esprit t-shirt  |  Zara jeans  |  H&M flats  |  Glass Line bag

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    1. Marilee (Judy) GramithMay 14, 2017

      Oh goodness, the hijabi Kate Middleton eh? You are too cute Liyana!
      Love the socks, shoes,jeans ,bag and jewelry but just not sure about that long plaid duster... Promise me that some day when you tire of it you WILL wear it as a bathrobe. =-)
      I always love your posts!

      1. Hahaha well her elegance surpasses mine by MILES but I love how she recycle loads of her clothing items! Especially considering how she's often photographed for various media outlets.

        It's OK, that plaid monster is a love-it-or-hate-it thing, definitely (I won't be surprised if most people lean towards "hate", to be honest!). And yes I MOST DEFINITELY will, it won't waste away hidden! XO


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