My 11-Year-Old Bag

In case you didn't know, I have been away to Seoul for the past week, but have now safely arrived in Malaysia. It's already the second week of Ramadhan — eeek, time sure flies! — so it's been about settling back into normalcy after our packed week in Korea.

I didn't have time to update my blog almost at all except to let you all know I was there, but now that I have loads of posts lined up I'm looking forward to blogging again!

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I shot this super casual (sans makeup!) a week before Seoul, featuring my 11-year-old bag. Freakin' ELEVEN YEARS, guys. I'm sure many of you own plenty of good vintage leather bags older than that but this is personally for me the oldest one. And you know what, I didn't even know it was leather when I bought it; I was a fresh uni student in New Zealand who loved bargains a little too much (way more than now, if you can imagine!) without appreciating details or sustainability. All I cared about was I saw a Rocawear bag on sale — Rocawear being founded by Jay Z was what mattered to me at the time, mah God, not even kidding — and I snapped it up.

Eleven years later and it's still doing really good, so at least I had one good thing coming out of that shopping phase...I guess?

    PS: Bag recently worn with this "jammies" and my first ever Converse.

    Wearing: Adidas sweater  |  Zara jeans  |  Pull & Bear slip-ons  |  Rocawear bag  |  Aldo shades

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