'Hoop' Red Plaid Shirt & Black Eyelet Trumpet Skirt (with Sneakers This Time)

I've been itching to re-wear this black trumpet skirt with sneakers ever since I first wore it with my peep toe booties  seriously, guys, high heels are SO not my thing. The thing is, I'd LOVE for them to be my thing, but sadly that is not the case. 

Me being me though, I would go heels-less for a long stretch of time but would start to miss wearing them (usually after seeing so many cute heels on my Pinterest feed) and would wonder "Hm maybe this time heels won't hurt so much" and then I always, ALWAYS prove myself wrong. 

Well, a girl can dream for the impossible, right? Perhaps it would even come true one day...

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

We've established that:

Thankfully I brought more than one skirt for my trip to Italy including this trumpet skirt, to match with a red plaid shirt I found nestled amongst the "unwanteds" at the recent Mango sale for my day in Florence. The last time Shah and I were there, Uffizi Gallery was closed so we were so happy to finally get inside this time around!

See: Uffizi Gallery 'grams on my last Instagram post!

    The moment I plucked it down from the rack and laid eyes on the hoops connecting the sleeves to the shoulders of the top, I knew it was me. I wondered for three seconds why it hasn't been snapped up yet  until I peeked at the right sleeve and found a couple of hoops missing. It was the very last of its kind in that store.

    And you know what I did? I left the store without getting it.
    I know. I mean, the top was "me", right??

    That night I tossed and turned; I just could not stop thinking about how I "abandoned" the plaid shirt (I'm very dramatic when it comes to missed closet-addition opportunities) and by the next morning I was thoroughly convinced I made the wrong decision. I mean, I didn't even really care about the missing hoops in the first place so why Liyana whyyy.

    It was only a few long days after that I had the opportunity to go back to that particular Mango, thinking "Please let the shirt still be there oh PLEASEEE". (FYI I visited two different Mango stores in that period but none of them had the shirt. Of course.)

    Well as you can see, it was still there.
    On a different rack on the opposite side of the store however, so, yes, my pulse definitely quickened there for a while.
    (But then my lost sleep was recovered!)

    Have you ever bought a flawed item from a store because you really, really liked it and it was the very, very last piece?
    Or is your willpower strong (unlike mine) and you would simply walk away?

    Wearing: Mango hoop plaid shirt  |  H&M t-shirt  |  Zara eyelet trumpet skirt  | Stradivarius hoop earrings  |  Zara sunglasses  |  Adidas Stan Smith

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    1. I have absolutely purchased items that need a bit of repair especially after I've quickly determined some creative ways to fix the flaw. If you can find a craft store and hit the jewelry making area you're in business with some large metal rings and a needle nose plier! Another fix would be to use a set of cheap hoop earrings in the two hoopless spots. You could move the earrings to less conspicuous spots and move those rings to the vacant spots! Again a needlenose plier woul be needed.
      I LOVE this shirt!!!! It looks so cute on you Liyana! I'm really glad you got it. That Beetlejuice patch would be cute on the pocket. :-):-):-) Love, Jude

      1. I did have ideas about putting in makeshift hoops or something but since I've never been much of a DIY person I kind of just went oh what the heck. But I NEVER thought about putting in hoop EARRINGS, what a brilliant idea! I am definitely going to look into that! And yes you are right, the black patch would go so well on the pocket, yesss.

    2. Haha, yes I did! But I regret it later but it felt not as new of something. But I van understand you! It s a fabulous blouse and I hope you enjoy wearing it for a long time!

      1. I can relate to that too. I bought a pair of cheap white pants from H&M on sale a long while ago, they have these marks on them but they fit really well so I told myself I can easily wash them off, and turns out I was wrong. Until today I don't know how to make those pants work!

        I'm glad this shirt is an entirely different story, and yes I hope I'll love it for a long, long time =)


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