My Airport Outfit (That I Didn't Wear To The Airport) | Adidas Velour Track Pants & Sneakers

Ever since I picked up these velour track pants, they were all I wore whenever I was in for a long-haul flight — to and from; I would actually send it for washing at wherever hotel I stayed at just so that I could have them on again for my flight back home.
I haven't travelled since my trip to Seoul in March but I don't want to just leave the pants unworn and all unloved in my closet! Plus, they're not only really comfy but make me feel like a hijabi version of J Lo circa early 2000's, the era of Juicy Couture and velour tracksuits — remember?
PS: J Lo is obviously still freakin' smokin' hot now (have you SEEN her in those Guess posters?) but she was seh-MOWWW-kinnn hawt back then, OK.
On my flights I'd usually pair the pants with a dark t-shirt (stemming from a fear of spilling things on my clothes), sneakers and a jacket or a sweater as it gets pretty cold on board, so this is a pretty accurate representation of my usual airport outfit — except I'm wearing a white tee here (no need to worry about staining my tee with mango juice from a plastic cup) and added cat-eye sunglasses in lieu of my glasses.

The little rainbow bag/clutch was a steal from Tokyo, at the same spot I found this 
black "flurry" lil thayng. My first thought upon seeing it: "Omg Missoni zigzag!" even though of course it isn't Missoni (I wish), and the rest is history.
(Note: "History" being the fact that I brought it home with me, stashed it among my other clutches and for some reason waited to debut it on this blog alongside a pair of velour track pants.)
One question: do you prefer the orange-tinted cat-eye sunglasses I'm wearing here or the gold-rimmed black version from the How To Make A Regular Outfit Fancier post?
Wearing: Levi's oversized denim jacket  |  Adidas "Tokyo" t-shirt  |  Adidas velour track pants  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Cotton On cat-eye sunglasses

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  1. Wow!! This is a really cool outfit!! I used to love the soft warm feeling of velour but you've kicked it up a huge notch here Liyana! This soft burgundy color with your scarf in a matching hue is really nice and I'm kind of blown away by the sporty loveliness of it all! Love, Jude

    1. Thank you, Judy! <3 <3 <3 I on the other hand don't remember ever owning anything velour before so my love for it just started with these pants. I've been visiting Adidas stores and outlets (I just really like the brand) to see if they have anymore new long velour pants but so far, no luck!

      I'm happy you like the matchy-matchy element here, as I struggled with picking out which scarf to wear. I almost went with black but so glad I didn't, as it would have made the look somber. I did wish I had a printed scarf that matches though.

  2. Hi Liyana Lopez! Hahah. I really love the styling of your airport outfit. Super chic always even if you're going casual. Especially with the accessories and all. Urgh! Why you gotta make me feel like I dress so lazily, heheh. Anyways, I know right, about J.lo being hot then and hotter now! That lady is a vampire. I need to stalk what she eats on her Instagram if she does this sort of thing. As for the sunnies, I like this orange-tinted version but the black one from your previous post has that mysterious vibe going on so I like both! I love your swag girl. In all of your photos, you worked it! :D x

    1. Thank youuuuuuu! Dayum, I wish someone would call me Liyana Lopez to my face, it has SUCH a ring to it, hahaha!

      Are you kidding? I lovee your laidback style, and on top of that you have your glorious curls to cap off all the casual chicness.

      Jennifer Lopez looks like the kind of lady who eats whatever she wants (but in moderation), but one thing I know for sure, she works out SUPER hard, I mean, her abs are insane. However you have now made me curious about her diet and workout regime, I might Google those things later...


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