Ever since I picked up these velour track pants, they were all I wore whenever I was in for a long-haul flight — to and from; I would actually send it for washing at wherever hotel I stayed at just so that I could have them on again for my flight back home.
I haven't travelled since my trip to Seoul in March but I don't want to just leave the pants unworn and all unloved in my closet! Plus, they're not only really comfy but make me feel like a hijabi version of J Lo circa early 2000's, the era of Juicy Couture and velour tracksuits — remember?
PS: J Lo is obviously still freakin' smokin' hot now (have you SEEN her in those Guess posters?) but she was seh-MOWWW-kinnn hawt back then, OK.
On my flights I'd usually pair the pants with a dark t-shirt (stemming from a fear of spilling things on my clothes), sneakers and a jacket or a sweater as it gets pretty cold on board, so this is a pretty accurate representation of my usual airport outfit — except I'm wearing a white tee here (no need to worry about staining my tee with mango juice from a plastic cup) and added cat-eye sunglasses in lieu of my glasses.

The little rainbow bag/clutch was a steal from Tokyo, at the same spot I found this 
black "flurry" lil thayng. My first thought upon seeing it: "Omg Missoni zigzag!" even though of course it isn't Missoni (I wish), and the rest is history.
(Note: "History" being the fact that I brought it home with me, stashed it among my other clutches and for some reason waited to debut it on this blog alongside a pair of velour track pants.)
One question: do you prefer the orange-tinted cat-eye sunglasses I'm wearing here or the gold-rimmed black version from the How To Make A Regular Outfit Fancier post?
Wearing: Levi's oversized denim jacket  |  Adidas "Tokyo" t-shirt  |  Adidas velour track pants  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Cotton On cat-eye sunglasses

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