Is Your Style Extroverted or Introverted? | Striped Linen Suit

I've always thought of myself as an introvert, despite knowing how my personality can make a 180-degree turn when I'm amongst people I know and trust  plus, when a bit of socialising is needed, I'm not completely hopeless about crossing over to extroverted territory.

Perhaps it'd be more accurate to describe myself as an ambivert but I'm always to incline to say I'm introverted for some reason — to lower people's expectations of me, probably.

But I can't say the same for my style; if my style has a personality, she's more of an extrovert, for sure. My style is a lot more outgoing than I am so calling my style "extroverted" wouldn't be an overestimation. She is gregarious, she is unreserved, compared to the person she inhabits.

I like to imagine that when I'm dressed well and, more importantly, interestingly, it has the power to inject some of that sprightly energy into my somewhat self-effacing personality. As a sartorial legend once said: 
"I have always believed that fashion was not only to make women more beautiful but also to reassure them, give them confidence." - Yves Saint Laurent

    And now, about this outfit: wearing a suit always makes me feel confident, especially when the suit is paired with the best comfiest sneakers

    See: My plaid suit + Adidas slip-ons and customized beige suit + pink Adidas Stan Smith

    I've been wanting a striped suit for a while to channel my inner Beetlejuice but since I haven't found a black-and-white suit that would make Tim Burton and Michael Keaton proud, I'll stick with this striped linen suit for the time being.

    I've been carrying this bag around for a couple of months because of its roominess, sticking my Coca-cola clutch in it to store stuff that I'm not too comfortable being too visible to the public.

    The see-through vinyl bag is actually by Gudetama, the uber-adorbs lazy-egg Japanese character, bought in Japan three years ago (see it up-close here in Tokyo). If I had seen the bag now instead of years ago, I would've said no to it because, well, plastics, but since it was already in my closet I might as well put it to good use.

    Do you believe in using the terms "extroverted" and "introverted" to describe one's personal style? If so, what do you think is yours?
    Also: do you agree that my style is extroverted?

    Wearing: H&M striped linen blazer  |  H&M striped linen pants  |  Amori sneakers  |  Gudetama bag from Tokyo  |  Coca-cola clutch from Tokyo

    Click each image below to go to older posts featuring the same shimmery sneakers:

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        1. I'm pretty much 70% extroverted and so are my fashion choices.
          Liyana, this suit is both sophisticated and creatively fun. I like the two different stripes a lot!!! There's also a fresh quality to this look and I love the pretty blue hijab. It would be fun to try a happy, red and blue floral or polka dot scarf too! :-) Love, Jude

          1. Thank you, Judy! Always glad to have your approval! Seeing stripes + floral combo always makes me happy so I think that's a great idea. And ooh I can imagine this suit with a polka dot scarf in similar colours, too. So many fun options when an outfit is as versatile as a suit, right?

        2. Haha ok crazy story: a different suit, but similarly a striped suit caught my attention at a wedding recently. The guy wearing it had a matching fan and was just so fabulous. He ALSO GOT HIS AT H&M and I've wanted on ever since... dang! I LOVE yours.

          For me, extrovert vs. introvert means how does one RECHARGE. So, I am an extrovert because being around 'my people' gives me energy and oomph. Sure, I like anyone need my alone time, but it is really by being around people who nourish me that I feel refreshed, inspired, and all that good stuff. I would say my style reflects this! Maybe not as extroverted as your style, but I can sometimes be quite bold!

          1. A man in a striped suit with a MATCHING FAN at a wedding? I would have been utterly enraptured by this man's presence, he sounds delightfully interesting! I do hope you find an even better striped suit than mine.

            My friend and I once had a conversation with a consultant who mastered in psychology about extrovert/introvert, and one of the ways she said we could know which category we were in is to think about which work environment we thrive in the most, i.e. working in a group vs. alone, so when you say recharge that makes sense to me.

            By that definition I'm definitely an introvert; I get overwhelmed at times when there are too many different vibes around me. I suppose an extrovert would just let these vibes "bounce" off of each other and be positively affected by that (or something like that) but I would just count the minutes until I could leave that environment. Sometimes I envy people like you because I think it makes life just that little bit easier, if that makes sense!

        3. I love your style and you are definitely right, I am more of an extrovert when it comes to my style than I am when it comes to my personality which is a combination depending on my surroundings.

          1. Hi Anicheberry!

            Ahhh so I did make sense in my post, didn't I? =D I'm very sure there are plenty of people like us out there, who express themselves through fashion when they aren't able to express as much through other outlets <3


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