Two Trends In One Top | Polka Dot Ruffle Top & Polka Dot Floral Clutch

Imagine cramming two of your favourite trends into one top, now what does it look like?

I can think of a few but this ruffle polka dot top fits the description of one of them for me, which was why it felt like a victory when I finally managed to snag the top from my little sister, who actually got it from our big sister and refused to part ways with it for a long while.

That is, until I went into her room one day and declared that day was the day the top became mine now, true story.

OK so that was me talking big a bit; if my little sister had put up a fight for it (which has happened many times with a variety of other clothings + accessories) there was no way on Earth I could've gotten past her bedroom door with the polka dot ruffle sweetness clutched in my hand. In all humbleness, I'm just glad she was ready to let it go.

PS: People always say, "Having sisters are the best", but you know what's better? Having sisters who give up on/get bored of clothes that you think belong to you. That's right. Plus points if you all have the same shoe size, too (which I unfortunately don't, but dang it they both do).

        Now, any ideas on how I should style it next? Because: as cute as the top was, it was a devil for me to work with, ahhhhh. I did think it was the perfect time for my old polka dot floral clutch to see the daylight though!

        Thanks for reading you guys, I hope you like this outfit! I've been away for a while now, can't wait to share with you what I wore on Eid last week 

        Wearing: H&M ruffle polka dot top (it's old though!)  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite jeans  |  Mango strappy velvet ballet flats  |  Aldo polka dot floral clutch

        Click each photo below to see the same jeans in action!
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          1. I loved how you mixed and matched this outfit, Liyana! I think my favorite part of this outfit is that blouse! It's so cute and really feminine in a subtle way.

            1. Thank you Gigi! I'm very happy that you like this outfit - the blouse is my favourite too <3

            2. That lovely dotted blouse is worth any sibling altercation required to reclaim it as YOUR property!! I love the design of the softly fluttering collar. I also think it's a cool contrast to wear it with distressed jeans.
              The photo of you looking so casually sophisticated, while seated at the little bistro table is one of my favorites! Love, Jude

            3. Thankfully a serious altercation was avoided, but I would've been ready to fight further for it I think!

              That photo is also a favourite of mine, I find it hard to get a good photo while sitting down so I thought this was gold =D

          2. Always a delight looking at your outfit and reading your witty lines. Ahhaha. I get that about sisterhood! I swap clothes with my sis all the time but she's petite so there's a limit to the activity. Her shoe size is the smallest of the small while mine edges into the smallest of the men's shoe size LOL. Your outfit is so chic that I'm so tempted to wear it myself! You look elegant and I want to see more of the polka dotted top :D xoxo

            1. You look model-slim in your photos so I can't imagine it'd be hard for you to share clothes! I'm pretty slim (squishy in certain places) but my hips are a lot wider than my sisters' so they can share a lot more with each other, sadly.

              Ahhh I actually have no idea yet on how next to style this top! They hang badly over my wide hips so I know whatever I do next, I'd still have to tuck it in. I'll figure it out, I'll try!


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