Imagine cramming two of your favourite trends into one top, now what does it look like?

I can think of a few but this ruffle polka dot top fits the description of one of them for me, which was why it felt like a victory when I finally managed to snag the top from my little sister, who actually got it from our big sister and refused to part ways with it for a long while.

That is, until I went into her room one day and declared that day was the day the top became mine now, true story.

OK so that was me talking big a bit; if my little sister had put up a fight for it (which has happened many times with a variety of other clothings + accessories) there was no way on Earth I could've gotten past her bedroom door with the polka dot ruffle sweetness clutched in my hand. In all humbleness, I'm just glad she was ready to let it go.

PS: People always say, "Having sisters are the best", but you know what's better? Having sisters who give up on/get bored of clothes that you think belong to you. That's right. Plus points if you all have the same shoe size, too (which I unfortunately don't, but dang it they both do).

        Now, any ideas on how I should style it next? Because: as cute as the top was, it was a devil for me to work with, ahhhhh. I did think it was the perfect time for my old polka dot floral clutch to see the daylight though!

        Thanks for reading you guys, I hope you like this outfit! I've been away for a while now, can't wait to share with you what I wore on Eid last week 

        Wearing: H&M ruffle polka dot top (it's old though!)  |  Mitsumaru Emsexcite jeans  |  Mango strappy velvet ballet flats  |  Aldo polka dot floral clutch

        Click each photo below to see the same jeans in action!
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