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Polka Dot Top, Wrapped Palazzo Pants & Box Wicker Bag

I am so excited to be in Italy right now and shooting outfits against the European backdrops here but for now, I want to share this casual outfit I wore on a recent staycation in Kuala Lumpur.

The polka dot top has been hanging in my closet for months and months because — and this unfortunately is a constant occurrence — the few pairs of jeans that I thought would go well with the top turned out to be, well, not as snazzy as what I had in mind.
(You'd think with all the amount of shopping + dressing up + photographing outfits I do I would've mastered the art of virtual dressing, right?  But, sadly, nope, not so much.)

When I was packing for this staycation, I decided it was simply the time to wear the top. On a whim, I pulled out these beige wrapped palazzo pants (did not think of this pair when I bought the polka dot top) and whaddayaknow, I had a decent outfit in my hand after all.

See: My customised beige suit with these pants

    OK so I think I may own too many wicker bags for one person but in my defence, this box wicker one was a present from Shah when we went back to his hometown for Eid. I think he saw how pleased I was to discover the two cute wicker bags in Jakarta (this cute patterned round wicker bag being one of them) and he immediately decided I had to have a box-shaped one too, which was very sweet of him.

      Thanks for reading you guys! I hope you like the outfit and I really hope your week is going sweetly 

      Wearing: Mango polka dot top  |  Zara wrapped palazzo pants  |  Zara leather mules  |  Box wicker bag from Pekan Rabu, Alor Setar

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      1. I love this Liyana! This is such a fabulous work outfit. Every detail is unique and totally you.

        1. Thank you Gigi! You're right, if I worked, this outfit's style would be one of my go-to outfits!

      2. Oh my, these pants are so very elegant Liyana. They pair very nicely with the polka dot blouse and I think this blouse deserves something more refined than jeans... I know! It's really fun to wear a dressier top with jeans sometimes too. I looked back at the pants with the jacket and liked that a lot too! You really mixed it up there with the unexpected pink Adidas t-shirt beneath.
        Your travels just AMAZE me Liyana!! You and Shah are truly citizens of the world in many ways. So young and so experienced in many cultures! It's wonderful! Italy next? WOW! Love Jude

        1. This top just refused to look good with ANY of my jeans, which I thought was odd, haha! I've always thought a good pair of jeans could rescue anything. I'm happy you liked this outfit, Judy.

          Oh my goodness, Shah himself was surprised that he got another assignment in Milan, and I was over the moon! We are very, very lucky that his work takes us places, or else Shah and I could never afford it all. We had such a blast there. Sometimes I can't believe how lucky I am to be experiencing it all, I was constantly looking around and saying "Shah, can you believe we're in Italy? Oh goodness, thank God!" I am looking forward to sharing my photos from Italy <3

      3. Hey, enjoy your time in Italy! You look so wonderfully demure here. I love the wrap palazzo pants and the dotted to paired beautifully with it. The wicker bag is so gorgeous and so are those pointy shoes :) xoxo

        1. Thank you Shanaz, I am safely back in Malaysia now and had a wonderful time in Italy! I'm happy that you like this simple outfit <3

      4. Those pants are phenomenal! Enjoy italy, can't wait to see your photos from your trip :)

        1. Thank you so much Katia! I love these pants so much, I have yet to find anything like them (because I AM looking!). Can't wait to share the photos too <3


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