Pairing White with White: Ring Double Strap Tank Top

I'm starting my Italy Outfit Journal with this white-on-white I wore on my first day in Venice.
Ah, Venice, one of my most favourite cities I ever set foot on; the moment I came out of the Venezia train station and rested my eyes on the impressive turquoise dome of San Simeone Piccolo, standing right behind my first sighting of Venezia water canal in front of the terminal's steps, it was love at first sight.

To be honest, Venice was not firmly in the plan when I reached Milan on this trip, but I found a small window to go and I couldn't resist! Not everyone fancies the city, though; Shah thought Venice was a little "meh" on his first visit (he was not a fan of the water taxi).

I, on the other hand, adored it so much that visiting it three times (!!! I know, it's crazy) made sense to me — and three is precisely the number of times it took for Shah to love the city, too (he still prefers it on foot, however).
PS: It didn't make sense to the American couple we met on our boat from Burano though, who clearly thought there are far better cities in Italy to visit, which I neither agreed nor disagreed on.

I've had this ringed white tank top since last year's December sale, can you believe it? As a hijabi, tank tops are not at all high on my priority list when I shop but the double straps got to me, and I immediately imagined myself layering it on top of a shirt (a useful trick for hijabis like me).

As always, I found it hard to find the right time to wear some of the newer things in my closet but my trip to Italy seemed to call out for the top — finally. I would love to think of a way to pair the tank top with a maxi skirt or on top of a maxi dress for next time, though! (Or even a coloured shirt underneath, Shah was actually disappointed I did white on white, which I thought was hilarious but sweet, that he even cared!)

And then, just like Venice, the ballet flats were love at first sight for me when I was scouting around during mid-year sale this year; they're unlike anything I've ever owned. I'm uhbsessed with the big bows and the multicoloured threads.

I hope you like this first outfit as much as I do. Thanks for reading you beauties, will be back soon for my next Italy outfit! 

Wearing: Zara tank top  |  Padini shirt (men's)  |  Zara flare jeans (last worn with my red kimono robe in Jakarta!)  |  Zara bow ballet flats  |  MCM box bag  |  No-brand black socks

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  1. That tank top conversion to a vest is genius!! Before I started reading, I thought it was part of the white blouse! Wouldn't it be fun over one of your black and white tops/ blouses.
    Those plaid, ballerina flats with the big bows are a perfect pop of fun!
    There is a couple in our neighborhood who became engaged in Venice and although it wasn't a first marriage for either of them it still seems terribly romantic!
    Love, Jude

    1. Ah, so romantic, getting engaged in Venice! I personally think it beats proposing in Paris =D I wish this couple from your neighbourhood everlasting happiness!

      Pairing the tank top with a black-and-white blouse would be pretty! But I don't think I own any, oh dear, now my eyes will be roaming for one the next time I go to a mall.

  2. I love your look! The shoes are too cute :)
    Greetings from Vienna!
    Dorie from

    1. Thank you Dorie! Glad you love the look. I think the shoes are cute too =)


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