Affordorable is now The Good Weekender

From now on, my blog will operate under the new name

The Good Weekender.

Changing my blog's name was one of the toughest decision in my blogging life, for sure, but it was inevitable. As much as I love the name Affordorable  I already even kind of miss it!  it was a name that started to slowly feel incompatible with my blogging direction and most importantly, with me.

I have thought about changing the name for a really long time but had put it off because I couldn't settle on the right new name. That is, until one fine day, it came to me.
And after a long, lo-o-o-o-o-o-ong time of mulling over it and playing around with other names, I made my decision.

So this, is The Good Weekender.

To the readers who have been frequenting this space for a while, THANK YOU so much for having my back in this blogging world, ever since you first rested your eyes upon my space here up until now; I feel honoured to have caught your attention, and to have kept it.
I cannot wait to share more of my outfit ideas with you all, as well as more travel stories (here's to more travelling opportunities, eek!), plus my lifestyle bits and pieces.

To those who are here for the first time, welcome to my little virtual world! I sincerely hope you'll enjoy this ride with me.

More fun posts coming your way!
Much, much love from me 


  1. I understand in general what your new name means nut how about some specifics?? It would be nice to know more... Love, Jude

    1. The simplest explanation I can give without getting into paragraphs of personal reasonings: I thrive the most during weekends. Sure, so do other people, but my situation is quite unique compared to most people I know and I REALLY am at my best on weekends. (Plus, a lot of what people see on this blog is achieved on weekends!) But that in turn has made me vowed to be my best weekend-self daily now =) I do hope you like the new name though my dear Judy!

  2. Thank you Humaira, thank you! Ameen <3

  3. The good weekender. Hmmm.. I love it as long as you love it! Hahah. Congrats on the new blog name. I think it suits you. It has such a relaxed vibe to it. Kind of like your outfits but I think it's more expressive of your spirit. I'm sure you're awesome on weekdays too, though. Happy Ramadan darling :) xoxo

    1. Oh goodness, you are always the sweetest, Shanaz, thank you thank you. The name change was due a long time ago, I'm just glad I got around to doing it (but more importantly, finding someone to help me do it because I hadn't a clue!).


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