Let me start this post by saying: I DON'T KNOW WHY. Why do we? Does anyone have the answer to this question?

I have no doubt that there is a scientific answer to my question but I haven't gotten around to being in the zone where I really want to dive into it, most probably because I know the answer isn't going to produce a tagline that will promote positivity in life. Rather the contrary, I'm sure.

It has been important for me to be as mindful as possible about purchasing clothing items and accessories but honestly, I don't succeed doing so with every single item.

Nothing you see in this particular outfit — which I will touch on later — is in the "mindless" purchasing category, but the white leather mules I'm wearing here (and really love) reminded me of a pair of white leather slingbacks I almost bought recently.

I can picture the slingbacks clearly: chic blocked heels, cool worn-leather material, high V-shape cut at the top that I see a lot of cool Fashion Week-goers wear. Honestly, when I tried them on in-store and gazed at myself in the mirror I felt like I could look as cool as those street-stylers.

This is not even a question of "why we buy things we do not need", because case in point: I definitely don't need more than one pair of sneakers, but sneakers are so versatile, comfy and legitimately what I wear ALL the time, so I understand justifying wanting or "needing" a diverse collection of sneakers.

But me buying shoes with heels on them? Guys, I don't even like wearing heels. Nu-uh. Heels and I do not mix well. Sure, I own a few, but I can't remember the last time I even wore my old ones.

So why couldn't I resist those white leather HEELED slingbacks, that I would have definitely bought if the store had them in my size? Who knows?

Note: But maybe this person who wrote this article can help shed some light on my predicament. It says that, basically, all purchases I ever made = emotionally driven. So one way to explain my emotional want of those slingbacks:  so I could...look as cool as those street-stylers...?
(Maybe I got it right the first time around.)

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

On to this outfit, as someone with a penchant for Beetlejuice-like fashion + statement sleeves, I can definitely justify getting this black-and-white striped top with pouffy sleeves. I may not need it, but I will get plenty of wears out of it! I paired the top with these flat white mules and my one and only high-waisted black pants, which reminds me: these 5-year-old pants are losing their sheen and I need another pair of high-waisted black pants, guys.

Wearing: Topshop striped top  |  H&M high-waisted pants  |  Zara leather mules  |  Topshop chain bag