Serial Outfit Repeater: My Favourite Hot-Weather Floral Print Matching Set

There are plenty of pretty hues in this colourful floral print for me to choose from to match to my hijab, but I had loved pairing this matching set with the very red scarf as well as the yellow scarf so much that I was actually worried I wouldn't be able to like a different-coloured scarf to wear it with.

As a style blogger, obviously I want to try my best to bring something fresh to the style table every time I come up with an outfit post. Wearing this printed button-down blouse and palazzo pants the third time around, I chose to highlight the baby pink shade in the print.

It's amazing how the vibe of an ensemble can change even when you switch out one element in it. Adding the baby pink to the multicoloured print of the matching set automatically creates a softer, sweeter, girlie element, as opposed to the bold and brashness of the red and yellow scarves.

So, OK, perhaps third time's not exactly the total charm here; I still think the floral set paired with the sunny marigold-y yellow scarf is the combo to beat, but I love the baby pink all the same!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

By the way, we absolutely must mention my navy blue pom pom hat because how adorable is it, amirite? A straw hat is one of my main essentials for a hot and sunny day out, especially to prevent those pesky hijab tan lines on the forehead, ugh. Unfortunately, well, of course I forgot to carry one of my straw hats to Langkawi with me last month when I went there to support my younger brother Hazri in his Half Ironman swimming event, but thankfully I came across this navy baby in a shop nearby our hotel the day we arrived!
A fun, really-not-important trivia on this straw hat:
It was actually the second navy straw hat I came across; I had originally purchased a wider-brimmed, fancier-looking straw hat in the same exact blue shade, and after walking and exploring for a couple of blocks, my mom decided she really really really liked that hat (and was too nice to tell me she wanted it for herself), so I immediately gave that first navy hat to her after I stumbled upon this pom pom one — which I preferred anyway, so it was a win-win for both my mom and me!

Which of the three coloured hijabs — red, yellow, and pink — that I matched with this floral print set is your favourite, though?

Wearing: H&M x GP & J Baker matching floral set  |  Adidas Stan Smith sneakers  |  Navy blue straw hat from a shop along Pantai Chenang!


  1. Oh hey yay! I found your beach OOTD! Heheh. As always, the flowy vibe you've got going on is on point. I mean, if it's hot and humid, the best we all can do to survive it here in Malaysia is to wear something that doesn't cling to the skin! I am feeling the navy straw hat and how sweet was the story with you and your mom! I would love to see you in the hat in other hot day OOTDs. It's just so pretty! You and your matching sets are really a pair made in heaven. I have not worn a matching set not even once. Perhaps, I should try it out once, since it's 2020. LOL :D xoxo

    1. The flowiness of my matching set really did help combat the humidity. As much as I was feeling my outfit and the straw hat (happy you approve of it btw!), I was just REALLY glad that I didn't have to stay at the beach after late morning, when the sun would be high up.

      Oh wow Shanaz I would LOVE to see you rocking a matching set, you would look dang cute I am super sure of it! I've seen a lot of cute mini-skirt versions of matching sets that would suit you, with your lanky features. I do hope you find a matching set this 2020 that you'd love to wear out, and that you'd share it on your blog!


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