Craving For Fresh Air In My Red-Orange Duster-Robe

So, of course, our lockdown continues. With the number of cases fluctuating between 4-6k daily, well, how could it not?

Even during non-lockdown periods, I very, very, very rarely went out. When I did go out, it was only to do these two things: (1) bring my cats to the vet, and (2) grocery shopping. 

But there was this one day when I realised I hadn't breathed proper fresh air outdoors for weeks and WEEKS, really, and that sort of shocked me. My body was craving it at that point, which was probably why that realisation hit me. Sure, I still get my fair share when I stepped out of the front door to fetch a delivery (I'm getting everything delivered nowadays, as I'm sure most of you Malaysians are), but...that's just not the same, isn't it?

That weekend, Shah and I headed for somewhere not indoors where we could just sit for a while in the open air, and, more importantly, without a crowd, and the place we thought best for this was our regular restaurant-by-the-beach — the same spot we chose to celebrate our anniversary last year (I was craving fresh open air then as well!). The only thing is, there were way more people than we expected — nowhere near as empty as when we had our anniversary dinner there — so we didn't stay for too long, and make sure to keep our distance.

It's been weeks since I got to be outdoors properly, and it'll be a while before we could head back to this restaurant as only takeaways and deliveries are allowed now. But even though it's not the same, I still have the front of the house for my order of fresh air, and I'm not going to complain about that, nope!

•     •     •     •     •     •     •

I hope my fellow Malaysians are coping well with the ongoing MCO and getting as much support as needed. Let's take care of each other and please remember to always check in with your loved ones.

Stay safe and stay healthy guys. Until my next post 

Wearing: Zara long kimono-style duster-robe (first worn on my trip to Jakarta!)  |  Mango "Upside Down" t-shirt (last seen with my houndstooth blazer)  |  Zara high-waisted jeans  |  Adidas Superstar sneakers  |  Rebecca Minkoff clutch-bag


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