This Super Easy Banana Bread Recipe I Tried (And Loved!)

I have to confess, I'm not a big bananas fan as is but I am a sucker for local desserts and kuih with bananas in them. Shah and I always stock up on bananas to make either lempeng pisang or pengat pisang, plus anytime I visit a local kuih cart on the roadside, you best bet I'd walk away with lepat pisang (which is something I would have made myself if I knew how to!). 

Except one day I was staring at the tiny bunch of bananas on my kitchen counter trying to decide if I should make lempng or pengat when it occurred to me that, hey, maybe I should spice things up a bit? 

I never attempted to make banana bread even when it was trending during early pandemic times (thanks to Chrissy Teigen bartering antics with her fans, which was kind of entertaining at a time when we needed it).
But perhaps it was time I spread my banana wings a bit!

Check out the recipe here: Best Banana Bread

When it comes to baking, I always lean on simple recipes that need the fewest number of ingredients. I'm not that good of a baker but I'd say I'm OK enough to not mess up straightforward recipes! There are actually plenty of easy enough banana bread recipes on the www to try out but I decided on this particular one because of the high rating and rave reviews.

PS: I don't own a 9 x 5 loaf pan so I risked using my 8½ x 4½ and it worked, thankfully!

To be honest it felt like real success to whip out such a decent banana bread on my first try! It came out pretty perfect and amazing; it was moist and just the right amount of sweet, and tasted even better with a hunk of salted butter spread on a slice. If you've been thinking about making banana bread and are looking for a fuss-free recipe for it, I definitely recommend this one.

Thank you for reading my blog! Hope you're well and in good health.
And to my Muslim sisters and brothers, hope your Ramadan is more of a breeze than a wheeze! Let's try reap the rewards of this blessed month as much as we can, while we can ❤


  1. Liyana! You're such a natural at baking, hahah. I really enjoyed this post as I do love bananas as well as fresh fruit and cooked in pastries. I have yet to try to butter up a banana bread cake slice and I intend on to try because you've successfully made my stomach grumble. Even though I reduce my carbs intake, I will not say no to strategic carb consumption when it involves a particularly moist banana bread.

    :D xx


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