My Go-to Spot Treatment Acne Products: Oxy10 & The Inkey List Succinic Acid

As someone battling acne my whole mature life, I've come to appreciate spot treatment products because they're not as tricky to navigate as an entire skincare regime.
Plus, since spot treatment is applied in a concentrated area, less of our skin would be affected if we're allergic to an ingredient.

There are plenty of spot treatment products in the market but I swear by these two because:

  1. They're effective. (Most important!)
  2. They're affordable. (Very important.)
  3. One is sold in practically all local pharmacies and supermarkets, and the other is easily bought online, meaning they're both happily accessible to me. (Or else I can't get my hands on them so, yes, important!)

Oxy10 Acne Pimple Medication

I've used this for over a decade since Oxy was one of the earliest acne-fighting brands I learned about. This 10% benzoyl peroxide white cream is meant to be applied in a thin layer but, truth be told, sometimes I have to restrain myself from stubbornly piling it on top of bumps.

It dries out small spots pretty fast, which is what I like about it. Some skin types might be sensitive to benzoyl peroxide, so be careful; many brands tell buyers to test their product on a tiny patch of skin on the neck before using it on the face. 

Note: If you're keen on trying this out but is new to benzoyl peroxide, there's a 5% benzoyl peroxide version for you to try first!

Caution: This stuff can bleach fabrics it comes in contact with. A few of my towels already have bleached spots, and I've learned to cover my nicer pillowcases with a t-shirt or a clean cloth on nights I apply Oxy10 to prevent bleaching.

Where to buy this in Malaysia: I get my stock from any local big pharmacy like Watsons or Guardian.

The Inkey List Succinic Acid Blemish Treatment

I appreciate social media peeps for bringing this product to my radar last year because this is a great alternative to the Oxy one for daytime use. I don't wear a lot of makeup nowadays but if there's a need to, this goes perfectly under makeup! It has a green tint that might help cancel out some of the redness that comes with a bump.

The smell is strong compared to Oxy10. As for me, after prolonged use, the smell only bothers me upon application, and after a while, I'd just forget about it.

Where to buy this in Malaysia: Worthee Cosmetics. I usually buy from their Shopee or Lazada store, but the price for any item can differ from platform to platform so it's worth checking out all three platforms (including their official website) to find the best deal.

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Hopefully, this post can help you one way or another (if you need it, but hopefully you don't)!
Thanks for reading, as always ❤


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