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Makeup Geek Brushes!

Makeup Geek brushes bought from my beloved Marlena are hereee.

The five brushes are - top to bottom -:

MUG Deluxe Foundation Stippling Brush
MUG Eye Shader Brush
MUG Soft Dome Brush
MUG Stiff Dome Brush
MUG Angled Contour Brush

Pictures taken right after i washed them, which i did ten minutes after ripping apart the packaging and scrutinizing the brushes. They were still wet and drying themselves.

Definitely looking forward to using the stippling brush the most; it's all fat and smooth and lush-looking. Mmmmm. Lust.

Until then, then!

UPDATE: Check out my view on each of these brushes at My Makeup Brushes Collection: I, My Makeup Brushes Collection: II and My Makeup Brushes Collection: III.


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