Revlon Super Lustrous. Mmm. Lustrous indeed.

It gives me a real buzz when i discover something i've been using is in a best top 3 or 5 or 10 list somewhere. Or in this case, 5 fabulous affordable items.

Yahoo! Shine produced a short article on 5 Fabulous Beauty Essentials Under $10, and the second item is something i use almost weekly.

The item said: Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick.

Few months ago, Caring Pharmacy had an amazing sale on this range. HALF price, which meant the RM30 price tag became a mere RM15 each!

To be honest, i never did plan to buy eight tubes. I intended to buy maybe two, but ended up buying three. Then i went another day and bought three more. And on my third (and last, promise), i found two more that i simply had to have.

Not in the order of purchase, the shades i picked out were:

L-R: 240 Sandalwood Beige; 637 Blushing Nude; 225 Rosewine

L-R: 130 Rose Velvet; 374 Bali Brown; 628 Peach Me

L-R: 460 Blushing Mauve; 230 Fleshtone (sorry, i didn't bother wiping my middle finger too clean)

My absolute favourite is Fleshtone. I thought it was the perfect nude shade ever. For me, at least. Rose Velvet comes in a very close second as my most favourite. Both tubes are well-used, and out of the eight shades, these two are the ones that i would repurchase, if i ever need to.

The pigmentation for this range overall is very good. With the exception of Peach Me, actually, but i would vouch for the other seven here. Although this is hardly a setback, as Peach Me isn't the best shade for me, so i use it to layer on top of other colours when i feel adventurous, so the sheerness is welcomed here.

RM15 for each of these babies, ain't too bad at all.

Would i buy them at RM30 a piece? Well, unless there is at least 10% off...i'm a sucker for discounts, who isn't? Buy i'd say, no, i won't. Except mayyybe Fleshtone. But i'm always looking out for the best affordable nude shade out there, so unless i give this quest up, Fleshtone would be the best thing for me to fall back on.

Besides discount, i must also mention that i'm a sucker for things that celebrity wear. I only bought Sandalwood Beige after noticing Halle Berry in that exact shade for this range's ad. The colour's gorgeous, but when something looks good on Halle Berry (plus minus Photoshop), you should never ever think you would look good in it too. It only works the other way around, as in, if something looks good on you, it would look ah-mayyyzing on her.


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