Camouflaging my super dark sunken undereye half circles!

What i usually do:

My Stage concealer in their darkest shade

MAC lipstick in Morange

Mix them two

My dark half-circles

I apply foundation first - you can see the foundation doesn't help the darkness so much

I'd like to apply concealer EITHER before putting on eye makeup OR after; like in my previous post, for me, it helps to put concealer after applying dark eye makeup to help clean any fallout from eyeshadows

The sunken-ness is still a little visible, but now the dark undereye area is camouflaged

I used to think i have THE WORST case of undereye circles. But after glimpsing a few of more unfortunate cases on other women, i am grateful mine isn't any worse. And i am also very grateful to the person who came up with the idea for concealers!

There are a variety of undereye circles - by the way i don't actually get why it's called circles. The way i see it, they resemble half-circles more, or crescent-shaped maybe. But that aside, mine are more than a few shades darker than my skin, are sunken and are filled with many, many fine lines.

When i started playing around with concealer, i began to read the many, many advices out there, and first got myself a cream-liquid hybrid that was two shades lighter than my skin. Now, the reason why there are many different advices out there - i personally think - is simply because, like i've mentioned earlier, there are many different types of undereye circles. You just need to find the advice that would suit yours best.

The two-shade-darker hybrid did not work on me. Reason 1: the colour turned ashy on my skin after a while. Reason 2: the thick liquid settled into my fine lines wayyy too comfortably for my own liking.

The second concealer i got was the one i stick to faithfully until now. It's from Stage, is liquid but not too liquidy, and the shade is about half a shade lighter than my skin colour - almost the same exact colour. It works fine on me and after half a day, even though the concealer settles into my lines, it can easily be spread out again gently using my ring finger. But my friend commented that my shade of concealer doesn't blend well into my whole look somehow (after i asked her, of course).

Until recently, i couldn't figure out how to fully fix it. Last three months or so i went into MAC to get one of their brushes. The makeup artist who assisted me looked like he knew what he was doing, so i asked him if he knew a way to make my undereye circles look more like my skin. He immediately told me to sit down, went off to grab a lipstick and said to me that an expert from MAC came from somewhere international to give a talk to MAC's local employees. The lady had dark skin and has very dark undereye circles. Her trick was to use MAC's Studio Finish Concealer mixed in with a VERY orange lipstick to erase the darkness. And that was what he did to my circles. And voila! The concealer blended into my skin a whole lot more.

More than concealing, this technique is called correcting. Certain undereye circles or dark spots around our skin can benefit so much more from correcting than concealing.

I do use Studio Finish in NW35 for my spots, but i find it to be too thick for my undereye circles. So since then, i had bought the very same orange lipstick and use it to mix with my Stage concealer, and it does work wonders. Now i only need to control the proportions of the lipstick and concealer to get the perfect result.

Unfortunately, no makeup trick in this world can fix the sunken-ness effect (that i know of), but the trick i learned from the MUA has been a very valuable tip for me. So thank you Apple!

Not even kidding. He calls himself 'Apple'. So thanks again Apple!


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