My Best Friend's Engagement's Honour

Today is 11th of January of 2012, and today is one of my best friends' birthday!

Husna turns 26 today. I'm not far behind her though, we were talking about how down we feel about turning 26. But you know what, it's a new year, with full of possibilities, so i know the both of us are going to embrace whatever comes our way. And most importantly, we are still the best of friends with each other.

And of course, this year is extra special for Husna because she is getting married in April! Husna and her fiance Mail got engaged a few months ago at her house, and she very kindly let me do her makeup for her engagement.

I have NEVER made up anyone for any important event, and i am nowhere near a professional makeup, so i was touched when she asked me. And also VERY nervous because i definitely do not want to ruin of one of the most important days of her life. But i had to give it a shot.

I did a trial the day before her engagement day, where i gave each of her eye a different look. One a more natural look, and the other a super smokey look. In the end Husna decided to go with the smokey one. If it were up to me, i would've gone with the neutral look, but like i said, i am not a pro and i want to give her the reins on her special day.

I think, i THINK i did an OK job. I am very lucky because Husna is already so pretty to begin with, so i knew that even if i mess up, she would still look good!

I'm really happy for Husna, because Mail is a great guy, and i feel grateful knowing she will be taken care of by a really good man. Plus she made me her maid of honour for Mail's side, which i am very honoured to do, so yippee!

Love you girl <3 data-blogger-escaped-br="">
Husna on her engagement day:

Me working on her makeup:

Thank God she was born so lovely. It was so easy to work with her. I don't think everyone was happy with what i did, but the most important thing to me was Husna liked it and appreciated it. And i think she did. Like i said, she is lovely!

More of her looks:


  1. i love youuuuuuu and your makeup work!
    and i owe you big time for ensuring me looking all gorgeous on my engagement!


  2. I dah dapat present from you! Seronokkk =D. But you never owed me anything in the first place. I buat ikhlas (ceh ceh) and anyway i couldn't believe you asked me to do it in the first place. Thank you for believing in me darling.

    Love uuu mwahksmwahks.


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