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I wanted to wash my brushes before i turn 26, to get a good, clean start, so with them all out of my makeup bag (and freshly cleaned!), it would be a good time to share what kind of brushes i carry around and use the most.

Foundation Brushes

Inglot 21T foundation brush

I've read a few reviews praising Inglot brushes, and they are known to be of the same quality as MAC's brushes but with a less steep price. The brush does its job and i rarely have any streaky problem. The trick is to really work the foundation onto the skin, which involves loads and loads of small strokes. I usually have a very tired hand after i'm done using this brush, but that's a small matter to me if you care about how good the end result is.

Inglot 27TG stippling brush

This is my most favourite foundation brush. I think a good stippling brush can give you a nice air-brush look, and this definitely gives that. There are bigger stippling brushes out there, but i like the fact that 27TG is small as it allows me to go reach the crooks and corners. I can never get ALL of the colour out of the brush when i wash it, so that's as clean as i can get it to be.

MUG Deluxe Foundation Stippling Brush

This is probably the most coveted brush of Makeupgeek, i should think. Marlena seems to lovelovelove her stippling brush, so i just had to get it. I bought a few brushes from her site, got it shipped over here, and i have to say i love all of them, including these. It is a little too bushy for me though. To me, it's not as good as my 27TG, but i still reach for this all the time. The fact that it's big definitely does the stippling job faster.

MAC Wedge Sponge

Not a brush but deserves to be mentioned under the foundation category as much as the other brushes. There are eight wedges (eight, i think) in a packet, and i used this before i had used any other foundation brushes. These work just as well as any foundation brush in my opinion, but the fact that it's disposable needs to be taken into account. A brush is definitely a money-saver in the long run. However i can imagine that these would be useful to a professional makeup artist, as it would save up on energy and time from all the washing afterwards. Not everyone is a fan of wedge sponges though, but i love them. I have one left but i will not be purchasing anymore anytime soon as it's unnecessary to me.

Eye Brushes

MAC 239 flat stiff brush

ALL makeup gurus out there rave about this brush. It sounded to me like this was THE flat stiff brush to own. People said the price was worth it. I went out and got out, and for some reason, till this day, i feel like i got a wonky one. It might be my imagination, but i think the ones that i see the makeup gurus use in YouTube look different from mine. That aside, i do think it's a good brush. Definitely does its job of packing a colour right on the lid. Is it worth the price to me? The hair doesn't shed AT ALL, so it makes me think i probably wouldn't ever need to buy another one of it, so yes, it is worth it. A must-have in anyone's kit.

MUG Eye Shader Brush

This cost me about RM19. Approximately 5-6 times less expensive than MAC 239. Which is crazy, because i personally think this brush does almost as good of a job as the 239. Almost, not quite the same level, but still. This brush is smaller than the 239, and it's thinner too.

I would say MAC 239 picks up more colour than MUG Eye Shader Brush, so you get better result with it. But the MUG brush is a good extra one to have around. The fact that it's smaller also makes it easier for me to reach the inside corners of my eyes.

MUG Stiff Dome Brush (MAC 217 dupe)

This is Makeupgeek's MAC 217 dupe. Or maybe i should say 'was', because i can't find this brush in the 'Store' page of their website. I don't own a 217, but before i bought my brushes, i had gone to examine the 217 and the 224 in MAC stores a few times. MAC 217 is bigger and bushier, i think, from this brush. For that reason, i decided that it would be easier for me to start with something smaller (and more affordable!). I love this brush! I especially find it great for applying colour in my crease area. The brush collects a good amount of eyeshadow, and i would use this to apply and blend the colour around. I believe the 217 would be superior, so i can't wait for the day when i pick up my first 217. But for a mere RM25, i am SUPERglad i got to purchase this brush.

MUG Soft Dome Brush

Another brush from Makeupgeek that i absolutely adore. This is supposed to be a MAC 224 dupe, but smaller and less bushy. I was worried when i first saw the 224 in store. My thought was the big bushy brush alone would cover my whole eye, so it would be tricky to move it around. But at that time, i haven't fully discovered the real use of a soft dome brush, so i am actually glad i got a dupe first to practise with (and of course i will be purchasing a 224 soon, hopefully). The hair of this brush is soft, and it's especially good at blending and buffing out colours, more than my stiff dome brush. I feel like when i use a stiff brush to buff out colours, it takes away the colours from my eyes as well, but with this soft brush, it just nicely spread things around. Definitely a keeper, this one.

More on my collection of brushes soon!


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