Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Brushes

I am happy to tell you that the brushes have arrived and they are none other than the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman brushes! I am super excited because i am a big, big, BIG fan of Samantha and Nicola of the pixiwoo duo. As do other fans of them, i've watched probably all of their videos.

The absolutely amazing thing about this whole process is i ordered these on 5th of March, Monday and they arrived just THREE DAYS after! So on Thursday i was happily tearing apart the box that contained the brushes. It was my first time ordering from so i was understandably nervous, but i definitely commend for the fast delivery. I won't hesitate to order from them in the future for sure.

I bought two single brushes and two sets: the stippling brush, the blush brush, the core collection and the travel essentials.

I have not tested out this brush; as i said, i've been unwell for the past few weeks and i am currently experiencing some irritation in my right eye from allergy reaction, so these brushes are going nowhere near my face anytime soon.

I tested them on my hands though, and the bristles are so incredibly soft. Just from looking and from the feeling of them on my hands, my favourite out of the bunch right now is the blush brush. It's relatively big but so so so soft and i love the rounded brush that tapers to a tip. But i love all the other brushes already too. The stippling brush was a lot smaller than i expected, but when i tried swirling it on my hands, i understand what people said about the bristles being sturdy enough to buff out foundation. I am really, really hoping i get really healthy again soon, because they look so luscious, all unused in my kit.

A little info on the brushes:

A company called Paris Presents (from the US, from what i understood) approached Sam to create her own line of brushes. Amazingly Sam didn't have to fly to the US not even once to produce these fantastic brushes. But of course Sam was involved in every step of the way and i believed she put her heart and soul into creating the most perfect and best of all affordable brushes she could come up with.

These brushes are colour-coded: the yellow ones are to create a flawless base; the purples are to enhance the eyes and the pink brushes are for perfecting the finish look.

The bristles are taklon, which is synthetic, thus they're all cruelty-free. Their ferrules are made from aluminium and the brushes are all light. Each brush has its name stamped on it for easy reference, but i do believe most of her brushes are versatile. The great original thing about these brushes is some of them can stand upright on their base! So you can do your makeup at your makeup counter and switch between brushes easier than usual.

The brush sets come in panoramic brush cases, which can be folded into a standing position as well. I do like the cases but i really, really wish the cases can be zipped up or closed in some way or another. I don't like having my brushes exposed. But this is a small matter to me though.

The brushes came in clear, see-through plastic boxes. At the back of these boxes, they explained which brush is which and gave a short description on the brushes' respective function.

Besides the blush brush, i'm also looking forward to using the stippling brush, the buffing brush, the contour brush,and the multi task brush. I didn't bother purchasing the powder brush even though i don't have a proper powder brush in my kit, but i'm hoping the multi task brush will work wonderfully at this. I didn't get the kabuki brush for the same reason, but i absolutely regret not buying it anyway. More so because when i voiced this out to Shah, he went "Why didn't you just get it as well?" which is unheard of, my husband doesn't usually tell me to get extra brushes.

I'm still unsure of how to use the smaller brushes, but i've read that the domed shadow brush is great at blending out concealers. The two foundation brushes are definitely itty-bitty for a foundation brush, but i'm sure i'll find uses for them. I might use the detailer brush as a lip brush more than for spot-concealing.

Hopefully i can come up with a proper review for each of these brushes in the near future.

I mentioned that i found out these brushes are being sold locally after i ordered this online and before i received them. Which incidentally added to my nervousness. But after further researching infos of them online, i discovered that had i bought these exact brushes locally, i would've spent more than double what i did. Which is CRAZY. I spent about RM200 online for them, but the set brushes alone are being sold in Malaysia for RM135 EACH. So you can imagine how happy i am to have ordered them online.

This is a bit embarrassing, i used my Hello Kitty jammies when i was waiting for these brushes to dry up, so excuse that:

They're all clean now and in my kit. Until i review them!


  1. where didi you buy the brushes?

    1. I bought these from Click on 'R' on their list of alphabets at the top part of the page, and look for 'Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman' under 'Brands'. Click that and you can start your shopping!

  2. Hey dear, we're you being taxed considering you opt for Express Delivery by DHL?

    1. Hi there,
      Nope, no tax or extra charges whatsoever!


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