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Towards the end of May, The Balm had a special offer on their website buy one Shady Lady palette and get two others for FREE! And to think that i almost bought products from the site using myglam's 20% off discount a while before that... My oh my. I'm so glad Shah had the common sense to not let me buy anything then.

Although, naturally, this time i begged my husband to let me get the palettes. The palettes were definitely in my wish list, but i never imagine that i could get all three for the price of one! I said to Shah, there is NO WAY we could ever get a deal like this ever again. So he caved. Yay for meee.

The thing is, all three palettes - Shady Lady, Shady Lady Vol. 2 and Shady Lady Vol. 3 have all been sold in Sasa here in Malaysia. The first and second volume are no longer available, and i'm not even sure if the third one is still being sold. I never really got around to getting them. But with this offer, who can resist?

If you've been shopping at, you'd know that their postage charge is ke-ray-zeeee. If you purchase products at $100 and above, the international delivery is free, but it would be $40 for postage if you buy anything less. If i had only gotten the 3 palettes at $39.50, then i would need to pay $79.50 in total. Which to me makes less sense that purchasing $100 worth of products straightaway. And thankfully Shah felt the same way.

It wasn't easy deciding which to get, as i wish i could have allllllllll of them! But in the end i decided on the blush Frat Boy, Cheater! mascara, Time Balm concealer and one of The Balm Girls lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid (what a name! PERFECT for me =D ). The total in the end was $113.50.

I made my order on 26 May - i had actually forgotten about the offer, believe it or not, until after the last day. But it was my rezeki, as The Balm decided to extend the offer. Yay again for meee.

I've tried all of them, and so far i LOVE LOVE LOVE the products. As some of you might already know, The Balm is already my most favourite brand anyway, as of now, so it's no surprise how much i'm in love with them.

The delivery was not as fast as my purchase from iherb,com, but it was shorter than I got an email from The Balm on 1st of June saying they had sent out the package, and i think i got it about 3 days after...? In total i waited less than 10 days from the day i made the order online. Overall i am very, VERY pleased with my experience with The Balm's official website. I just wish they wouldn't charge so much on delivery! They're totally allowed to keep the 'Buy over $100 and delivery is free' policy, of course. But that means i won't be using again for a very long time.

So here are the products - i haven't used much, but i can't wait to use more!

I absolutely ADORE their fun packaging!

The mascara itself has the same photos of men, with hints of what you're getting with Cheater! mascara: Vince VOLUME, Donnie DARK-COAT, Thomas THICK and Lance LONG-LASH
The wand is quite fat and thick, which i really like!

I wish i had gotten this in both mid-medium and medium, but this mid-medium is good to go underneath my eyes

 Their James Bond-inspired themed lipstick

Look at that bright, peachy pink - gorgeous!

The first Shady Lady palette is my most favourite out of the 3 so far

Shady Lady palette Vol. 2

Shady Lady Vol. 3 has the brightest colours, which is nice and refreshing. I probably have too many neutrals in my kit already.

So that's all of them! In Malaysia, the price of Shady Lady palettes are about the same as the online price. I know that there are stores in the US that sell this for a whole lot cheaper, but for someone who lives in Malaysia and is in love with The Balm, this was one offer i couldn't refuse.

Here's to The Balm!


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