Paris, i am HEREEE.

I know, i know, i've been slacking off here. Shah and i were distracted by moving (we have FINALLY moved into our house, thank God), by Raya and right now, i am in Paris. In PARIS, people!!! I'm so HAPPYYYYYYY.

OK, that's over and done with.

I was excited to check out the makeup stuff they have here. So far makeup is very accessible here; Monoprix is a supermarket that stocks various "drugstore" makeup brands. I can't say many nice things about the prices though. The makeup in Malaysia is cheaper, kind of a lot cheaper too. For instance, Revlon Colorstay Soft Flex foundation here is 19.90 EUR, equivalent to roughly RM 80, whereas it's only bought all five shades available in Malaysia but i can't remember how much each cost... I think at most it's RM 65. But it should be lesser then that. RM 55 maybe? Around there, yeh. Quite a vast difference in pricing, i would say.

Diorskin Forever foundation is another example. In Malaysia it's RM140 if i'm not mistaken (Googling confirms this) and here it's priced at 41 EUR, roughly RM 164 after conversion.

So you see that it is important to purchase things that aren't available in Malaysia.

I've seen a few brands i'm not familiar with. Deborah Milano is one of them; this range is found in Monoprix, and there are two or three other brands that i haven't heard of, but i was too busy being distracted by Bourjois.

Bourjois, OKKK. Yayyayyayyy!

Like everyone who lives in a country that doesn't sell Bourjois, i knew about it from Youtube's makeup gurus. My gurus include Lisa Eldridge, Sam and Nic of Pixiwoo and Tanya Burr, who have all talked highly of Bourjois.

The two things that i really want from Bourjois are the Healhty Mix foundation and the chocolate-shaped bronzer.

The raved Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation (

The chocolate bronzer comes in two shades (

But since i just blew 100 EUR yesterday on clothes-shopping (whoopsie), i'm not getting any shopping money from Shah anytime soon. So i'll just have to wait.

I do have a problem with picking out foundation shades though. I have yet to find my exact match. Very frustrating. To those who have found their perfectly spot-on match, you are LUCKY.

I'm an NC43-44, and i know there are others who have the same shade as i do and go crazy about looking after their perfect foundation match.

I'm considering L'oreal True Match in W7, but i'm worried it might look a bit too dark. I would love to have Bourjois Healthy Mix but there darker shades available are 56 and 58, and i know 58 is too dark for me. 56 on the other hand seems to suit NC40-42 from what i've read online. So, yeh. It's all confusing, really.

And i really like Revlon Colorstay foundation for Combination/Oily skin, but the shade 360 Golden Caramel, which i think could be my shade, isn't available here in Paris. They have 350 Rich Tan, and as tempting as it is for me to get it, it does look a little pink for me; i have quite a warm undertone.

Yesterday on my shopping spree, i stopped by Sephora and immediately went searching for Nars. I don't know why Sephora Malaysia chose to omit Nars from their list of brands to sell. Anyway, I did find Nars here, yippee. Their Sheer Glow foundation looked so tempting, but it's quite pricey, 40 EUR. The shade Med/Dark 1 seem to suit me when i first tried it in the store, but when i came home, it looked a little white-ish. There was no Med/Dark 2, only 3. Whyyy.

Anyway, that's my foundation dilemma. I'll just keep on searching and trying. As dramatic as i sound sometimes, i do understand that it is very far from the end of the world if i don't find/buy any makeup from Paris.

Hoping for the best!


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