Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Blackest Black

I'm a loyal fan of Maybelline mascaras. Reason number one: they are affordable. Reason number two: they work!

One of the makeup products that got me excited when i first came to Paris was the legendary Maybelline Great Lash mascara. The infamous pink and green tube, for some reason, isn't available in Malaysia. Or maybe it was, a long time ago. After all it's been around since 1971. Pretty amazing isn't it?

I've read that it's a "staple" in professional makeup artists' bag, but it mostly doesn't fare well with non-pro makeup lovers, based on online reviews. I decided to give it a go anyway. Of course. I've had this mascara for about a couple of months.

The colour is 'Blackest Black'

The slim, spiralling wand
The packaging:
I think it looks adorable and super fun! The eye-catching colours have a lot to do with that. Colours aside, the design is simple and straightforward.

The wand:
I do like mascaras that offer a big wand, but slim ones are easier to manoeuvre, like this one. The bristles here spiral though. Interesting!

Application - Batch 2:

*Batch 2 are photos depicting how i now use Maybelline Great Lash, while Batch 1 will show photos of how i used to use the mascara. Yes, turns out how exactly i use it is important!

 No eye makeup. No makeup whatsoever on me in fact!

 After curling lashes with my Stage eyelash curler; i usually crimp at the base of lashes and count to 20. I'm a little vicious with my lashes that way!

First coat of Maybelline Great Lash, top and bottom; i applied very, very light-handedly, by the way.

Second coat of Maybelline Great Lash, top and bottom; same light-handedness in applying.

Right eye mascaraed by Maybelline Great Lash; left eye bare

Finishing up:

Before and after shots:

Application - Batch 1 (you can see the full-length tutorial at Coppery Eyes and Red Lips: A Warm Winter Look:

 Curled with eyelash curler

 First coat of Maybelline Great Lash

Second coat

Right eye mascaraed; left eye bare
Finishing up:

Before and after shots:


Maybelline Great Lash is a nice, unfussy mascara that gives me quite a natural finish. My lashes separate well, which i think has something to do with the spiralling bristles. No clumpy mascara goo with this one. I don't find my lashes to be more voluminous or lengthened, but they do appear more prominent. The colour is a good, nice black.

If you notice, other than "great lashes", this mascara doesn't actually promise anything else specifically - not that women would be won over my this technicality. Since there is such a hype over this mascara, a lot of users might feel a little underwhelmed by the result produced, and i do admit that i was one of them. But i think i will get loads of use out of this one.

Usually, i apply mascara by starting at the base of my lashes, wiggling the wand to get right in between, and pulling outwards. I always do this with almost a great vigour. This was what i've been doing with this mascara (and other mascaras) but then i noticed that the curl i obtained from eyelash curler never did hold; my lashes would droop after a short time. I came to the conclusion that the formula of Maybelline Great Lash is of a relatively heavier one. I don't know if it really is, but it kept happening every time i use it, until i did my Warm Winter Look tutorial. I had mascaraed my right eye, and on the whim, i tried applying mascara on my left eye with a light hand. And the result was surprising. Subtle, but to me it's noticeable. If you look at my "after" photo in Batch 1, you can see that the lashes on my left eye are more uplifted.

So from here onwards, i think i will be using the "light-handed" approach to applying any mascara, and hopefully it will always produce better results.

I do think that my lashes tend to move sideways / outwards after applying this mascara. Something to do with the spirals too i bet; it's evident in the "after" photo in Batch 2. But i'll be honest, it doesn't bother me that much; i'll just have to remember to wiggle it straight up next time!

I have combination skin, but gets oily very easily too. Some mascaras that i've tried and used will smudge after a while, and this one does that too. Powdering can't even rescue me from that situation, but sweeping an eyshadow under the eyes help to prevent as much as possible that though. But there are times when my eyes water from wearing contact lenses, which can cause this mascara to smudge like crazy, so much more so than other mascaras.

I don't remember the exact price of this, it was about 7-9 EUR. Not that the price mattered to me, since i have no idea where to get this back at home. I know that it's considered cheap everywhere else it is available though, so maybeee, for its price, it should be considered a steal? Plus it's received so much love throughout the years! Granted, it's received some less likeable feelings too.

Not the best mascara ever, nowhere near my superstar Maybelline New York Pulse Perfection Waterproof Vibrating Mascara, sadly discontinued long time ago =( I don't think i will repurchase, because i'm not wowed by the result. I could do without the smudges too. Plus i love trying out new mascaras and i think there are better mascaras out there. But i have to say that this is a decent enough mascara, and i'm glad i gave it a go.

A tiny tip: Another thing that i ALWAYS do before applying ANY mascara, including this one, is wiping the tip of the wand on a tissue before applying:

 A little goo at the tip of wand

 Get rid of it!

Goo-free hence higher chance of clump-free lashes

The reactions to this mascara have definitely been mixed. Judge for yourself!

 Examples of positive and negative reactions:

- named this mascara "Best 2012 Inexpensive Mascara".

- When Maybelline Great Lash celebrated its 40th year of existence, Tracy Reese, Vivienne Tam and Max Azria put their own respective spin on the design of the tube. That's three respectable designers that Maybelline snagged to collaborate with on this particular mascara. (personal note: I'd say that's a win for this mascara!)

- It's been known to reside in Kate Beckinsale's personal little makeup bag. InStyle said so.

- Voted 'Cult Product of 2006' in Dolly Teen Choice Awards held in Sydney, Australia.

- In Makeup Alley, the review for 'Maybelline Great Lash Mascara' averages 2.1 out of 5, with only 25% of the staggering 4929 (!) reviewers saying they will repurchase. Another review for 'Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Blackest Black' (i think both include the same mascara) has 569 reviewers giving it an average score of 2.9, and 47% of them will buy again. Not very good numbers, are they?

I realize that this has been quite a long review on one product, but anyway, i hope it helps!



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    1. Hi Munirah,

      I forgot to say where exactly i purchased this, sorry. I got this from Monoprix, a supermarket in Paris. Seems like everyone can get this anywhere BUT Malaysia. Which is a puzzler, the mascara being super famous and everything...


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