Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Lipstick in 22

This is definitely one of my favourite bright lipsticks to wear here in Paris.

I got this at Auchan Supermarket, and i have to be honest, i gravitated particularly to this colour then only because it was on sale.  Almost half price; if i remember correctly, it cost me 4.85 EUR, but it would be well over 9 EUR now. But after checking out Rimmel's website, i was really glad i bought this, because out of 11 shades, 3 stood out the most, including this one; the other are 01 and 20. Which i will probably try to get my hands on later...

The packaging:

A simple black tube, with "Kate <3" written in soft pink on it. Looks cute enough for a pharmacy/drugstore product, and the plastic tube is sturdy enough for you to fling this quickly into your handbag when in a hurry. I suppose the background colour where the shade number is stamped should indicate the colour of the lipstick, but it's not accurate. At least not on me.

The colour, plus swatches:

In 3 different lightings

Shade 22 is definitely in the red family, but it has some pink and orange to it.

In Malaysia, we have this drink called "sirap",  in which red kordial sirap (a cordial mixture of melted sugar and either rose or pandan essence, then a bright red colourant is added usually) is combined with plain water to produce a pinkish red drink. To zest it up a bit, sometimes we mix sirap with cordial orange, and the colour produced from this would be a pink-orangey red. I don't know what the offcial name of this drink is, but it might commonly be known as "sirap oren".

Well, all i'm saying is, almost everytime i put this lipstick on, i'm reminded of sirap oren. But a sirap oren with more sirap in it than cordial orange. Feel free to Google "air sirap oren" if you're not Malaysian and are super curious.

In 3 different lightings; right swatch is single swipe, left is a few strokes

I do think this lipstick offers a kind of shade that would look different on every other person though. But on me, the colour comes out mostly red with hints of pink and orange, which i find just lovely.

The application:

A little concealer on the lips to help give a cleaner canvas to paint on (and could also possibly help lipstick lasts longer).

I personally find a lip liner does the best job at ensuring longevity of a lipstick, especially when i colour in the whole lips with that pencil. But since a lip liner might also change the true colour of a lipstick, i skipped that step here.

Applying straight from the tube; one downside of doing this without the aid if a lip brush is the lipstick feathers out of my natural lip line, so what i always do is apply any lipstick straight from the its tube and smooth it over with a lip brush. This really helps in making the lipstick sticks.

Nicely brushed in - finished!

The verdict:

Well, what can i say, i LOVE this lipstick. First of all, it is such a FUN colour! It results in a semi-matte finish i would say. While it isn't particularly moisturising, it doesn't feel dry on my lips either. It's affordable, plus there are plenty of colours to choose from from this range of Kate Moss/Rimmel lipsticks.

I love how pigmented this lipstick is. One layer is sufficient to get the true colour to display - like in the photos above - but layering it would make the colour stronger, and stay around longer too.

In the swatches photos above, on my forearm, one swipe of this lipstick (right swatch) and a few (left) don't differ that much though, which is fantastic of course. On the lips however, a few layers might show a bit more difference.

Lasting power is pretty great but like most lipsticks, a little boost would help a lot. I usually layer this on top of my Silkygirl Long-Wearing Lipliner in 04 Maroon and this lipstick would last even longer, and that's after some eating and drinking too. I feel like this is a great red to wear for winter-spring transition.

I would say "Yes!" to repurchasing this, for sure.

More photos:

Swatch on finger

In harsher lighting
I wore this shade when Shah and i went out to play with the snow. The pop of fun red definitely livened up my puffy green winter jacket!

Check out all the colours available on Rimmel's official website: Lasting Finish by Kate Moss


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