Maybelline Fit Me Official UK Site Experience

Before i purchased this foundation, i tried to find help online in deciding what shade or shades would be good for me. It sounded like 310 would suit me, but of course, of course, shade 310 isn't available in Paris. How convenient, right? But i decided to keep my eyes on shade 315, even though so, so many people concluded that shades that end with a '5' have pink undertone and those with yellow undertone end with a '0'. This conclusion would later coincide with my result, which i will recount as below.

I stumbled upon Maybelline's official Fit Me site while trying to find out more about shade 315. This particular page helps you decide what shade you should get, which could be massively helpful. Or deceiving.\

To go to the page, click here: Maybelline Fit Me. This is UK's Maybelline site.

The little "survey" i did on their site was what made me decide to buy shade 315 after all. I will go through the page right now, and write about the steps as i go.

Maybelline categorised skin colours into three groups: 100s FAIR, 200s MEDIUM and 300s DARK. Since i had gathered infos that i would be either 310 or 315, i click on '300s DARK'. Now, if i had not known about NC40-45 people leaning towards the 300 shades, i would've chosen the medium group. I think it's also a little confusing to put two models in the 100 and 200 groups whose tones don't differ that much, whereas there's quite a vast difference between models for 200 and 300.

So i clicked 'CONTINUE'. At this stage, they would ask, "DO YOU THINK YOUR SKIN HAS PINK OR YELLOW UNDERTONES?". I hit 'TONES OF YELLOW'.

The result: 'TWO POSSIBLE FITS NOW SELECT YOUR SHADE'. The two fits? Shades 315 and 350.

I was happy since 315 is available here, but also puzzled. So does that really mean shade 310 isn't for me, then? And doesn't that also mean shades ending with '5' are not necessarily pink-based?

There's another box on the right side stating, "NOT QUITE RIGHT? CLICK HERE TO CHOOSE YOUR PERFECT FIT". I clicked there to find out more, and here Maybelline listed out all of the Fit Me shades, by photos and shade numbers. 

Or maybe i should say the shades that are offered in the UK and possibly around Europe, because shade 310 is nowhere to be found. So i guess shade 315 is the one for me.

But before that, the site also helps you pick out the matching concealer and powder for you, from the Fit Me range. It says: "FOR THE FULL FIT ME MAKE-UP SYSTEM, FIND YOUR MATCHING SHADES BELOW".

And mine was:

I ended up purchasing 315. Shade 350 looks too dark for me, so i didn't bother swatching it in the store. I've heard good things about the concealer. I'm a little intrigued but it isn't high on my Wish List right now. My Stage concealer is working just fine for now. The Fit Me powder on the other hand doesn't sound like a hit with its users so why bother?

So that is my experience with the website. I think the site can offer some help, sure, but it would help more if you go into a store to test out the shades yourself. You can use the website to narrow down the shades to cut down the time and reduce any frustration and possible headache in deciding—something i'm too familiar with.

Hope my story helps. And of course, good luck!


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