The Balm "The Balm Girls" Lipstick in Mai Billsbepaid

First, allow me to point out this: Mai Billsbepaid is a lipstick that is literally perfect for me. Literally. 'Mai Billsbepaid'? My bills be paid, indeed! (Love you, Shah!)

The Balm Girls is a range "starred" by James Balm (that's what The Balm says on their website). There are six shades available with Mai Billsbepaid being the nude of the range.

The Balm states: "These double agents provide your pucker with amazing pigment and rich conditioners. The sleek packaging can infiltrate even the smallest evening bag to give your lips all the secret service they need! The Balm Girls (trademarked) come in 6 shades, so you can be a smooth operator, no matter what your mission is."

How kitschy and fun! I must say these traits were what attracted me towards Balm so much. 

So does the lipstick live up to its dramatic expectations? Let's break down the good and the bad of Mai Billsbepaid.

The Good

  • Feels moisturising
  • Imparts a temporary cooling sensation on the lips (which I found odd at first but you get used to it)
  • Design fits the themeit's cute how the tube is shaped like a silver bullet
  • Lips appear fuller and bee-stung-like
  • Nice glossy finish

The Bad

  • Pigmentation isn't the greatest; doesn't cover pigmentation in lips
  • Too-pale pink hence not the perfect nude for my NC43-44 skin tone; needs stronger-coloured lip gloss on top or lip pencil underneath (might be the perfect nude for others, though!)
  • Not long-lasting

How it looks like on my lips (with nothing else underneath or on top of it, in different lightings):

The swatches (in different lightings):

I purchased mine from The Balm's official website for 17.00 USD; you can visit the official page of The Balm Girls to find out more info.

Final verdict: Mai Billsbepaid might not be the right shade of lipstick for me but I wouldn't mind trying out the other shades in The Balm Girls range, as I really do like the texture of this lipstick. Mia Moore and Amanda Kissmylips are the two colours I'm especially excited to try as their swatches on The Balm's website seem so gorgeous.

If you're considering to buy this lipstick, I hope this review helps you get closer to making a decision!



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