Pizza Pino Restaurant, Paris

Shah and i and our grumbling tummies had to make a pit stop before "window-shopping" in Galleries Lafayette recently. We simply walked around the area near the Opera House before ending up at Pizza Pino.

It was actually a Pizza Hut i saw from afar that brought us into this boulevard. As we went over to check out the menu, Shah noticed the street we were in was lined with pizza places. He looked around and spotted the sign 'Boulevard des Italians'

"Patutlah banyak restoran Italian!"

 Shah is so clever. This is why i should never travel alone.

I wasn't too keen on Pizza Pino at first, as it looked quite empty on the inside. But as we looked around the other places, this was the one that appealed to us the most. It helps that it's red too.

The decor is nicely done. Shah said it reminded him of the Mediterranean-inspired Casa Del Rio in Melaka, which is only my most, moster, mostest favourite hotel EVER, everer, everest and Shah was right.

I have half a mind to start taking photos of my own cooked meals and put them up in my dining room. Kalau letak gambar Maggi Kari satu pun OK jugak kan?

Muka control excited
This is actually our first proper eating out experience in Paris. Sure we've eaten in fast food joints and kebab places, but those hardly count those as "eating-out" experiences.

Shah yang selalu comel dengan air Coke
As always, i get hot tea with anything i eat. To those who don't speak French (that includes me, yes), tea in French is thé. Pronounce it as how we pronounce "teh". Isn't that funnn?

Shah got Coke of course. Jealous (my tonsils despise icy drinks a lot of the time). The next things to arrive were bread and cheese for sprinkling on whatever your heart desires.

So what we do in restaurants here (and probably what most Muslims do in a non-Muslim country) is scan the menu for things that don't include any meat that is not seafood meat. Then we narrow them down to what we might like more. Then we pick one out of the few. And sometimes it's a process that does not exclude mild arguments, at least for Shah and i (mainly because of my stubbornness). In the end, Shah got to pick a pasta, and i picked out a pizza.

Tagliatelles aux Deux Saumons

Shah chewing on the hard, chewy yet tasty bread while waiting for our pizza.

Végétarienne Pizza

I said to Shah, "Ehhh look, ada jantung pisang dalam pizza kita!". And i am not ashamed to admit that i forgot there was artichoke in the pizza.

But Shah almost bought it himself though, ho ho ho.

Both the pasta and pizza tasted very good. I prefer the pasta, but the fresh salmon tasted a little too strong for me so most of that found homes in Shah's tummy.
I don't think i've ever eaten a vegetarian pizza with broccoli on it. Have you? But i was surprised broccoli could taste so good on a pizza.

Shah's pasta is part of a set meal which includes a dessert and a drink (mon thé). That was the first time in a really, REALLY long time Shah got to take the dessert reins (stubborn, naughty girls don't get to choose their own dessert).

Crème caramel

The cream caramel wasn't bad at all, but i have to say my Mak makes better cream caramels. The biskut Julie on top were gone much quicker than the cream caramel itself (note: no guarantee those are really Julie's Love Letters).

It appeared that we made the right decision to try out this restaurant. By 12-something pm, it was pretty much completely filled. I had apparently forgotten people don't eat pizzas and pastas for breakfast.

Shah and i would definitely visit Pizza Pino again when we're in the mood for some romantic Italian ambiance and good Italian food.

In Paris and interested? Visit the place here:

Pizza Pino Opera

27 Boulevard des Italians,
Paris 2e

Until next time!



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