Deborah Milano: Milano Red Lipstick 9

First of all, i find the gold tube quite attractive for a pharmacy/pharmacie/drugstore product.

At the base of the tube is written 'Roseto Milano Red 9 Ipoallergenico SPF 15'; being hypoallergenic and containing SPF are always a big plus in makeup.

Now let's move on the the colour. How exactly gorgeous is this colour? Seriously?

I would say it's a very bright reddish pink. Maybe 60% pink and 40% red, something like that. I almost typed "57% red and 43% red", simply because i love odd numbers. But the colour is relative, really, you are free to call it pinkish red if that's what you see.

The Deborah Milano logo indentation on the lipstick makes it even prettier.

On the website, it says that this lipstick "boasts a ground breaking formula that imparts intense colour, absolute comfort and hydration for up to 10 hours*"; that '*' says they've tested it out on 30 different women.

The lipstick also "Contains colour- and shine- enhancing Ruby dust, MILANORED leaves lips with a gorgeously gleaming finish."

I don't completely agree with the "imparts intense colour"; i was expecting a colour that would be this crazy-intense-neon reddish pink, which it isn't. The colour will still appear reddish pink, but the intensity won't be anywhere as near as what i see in the tube. Its pigmentation is also not strong enough to cover my pigmented lips.

I still love my Milano Red shade 9 nonetheless. Now that i've gotten used to the lipstick, all i need is a good nude lip liner to colour in my entire lips before i put this on.

The colour looks pretty bright, but it isn't too bright that it cannot be paired with smokey eyes, which is why i absolutely adore this lipstick. I'm trying to wear more bright colours this year but as the makeup rule goes, either strong eyes or strong lips only. This verges on strong lips but i can't explain it, it just works with smokey eyes, and i could even wear purple eyeshadow with this lip colour and not look overdone.

If such a thing as a nude version of red-pink lipstick exists, this is it. I don't even know if that makes sense though.

This lipstick feels hydrating on too, so it's perfect for my occasional super dry lips. The finish is almost shiny, true to their "gorgeously gleaming finish" promise.

It supposedly "includes a Hyaluronic Acid based "filler" that leaves lips softer and visibly "replumped""; i can't confirm that your lips will indeed be "replumped", as i don't see any difference in the size of my lips when i have it on.

I had this on when i went for the Old Traffod Stadium Tour, pairing it with slightly smokey burgundy eyeshadow.

The lipstick paired with zero other makeup:

If i ever finish this lipstick, and i get the chance to do so—this brand is only available in Europe if i'm not mistaken—i would definitely repurchase.


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