Halal French Cuisine at La Palmeraie

After visiting England, i made the vow to try more halal restaurants in Paris. It makes perfect sense to start this quest with French food, non?

It's easy to find halal restaurants in Paris online; just turn to Google. Good thing Shah decided to call our first choice of restaurant to ask if they indeed serve halal food, and it turned out, no, they don't. So either they were halal then changed their mind or they were never halal to begin with and someone mistakenly listed them down in the list of halal restaurants. So yes, save energy and time by calling any restaurant beforehand.

It was to La Palmaraie we went instead.

Whom we did call and got the halal status confirmation, bien sûr.

Its name used to be Les Enfant Terrible if i'm not mistaken. We had the address and that name in our head but when we reached the address, La Palmeraie was clearly in its place. Shah asked the sole waitress there "I called just now, for a place for two...?" and she went "Yes, yes". She also confirmed that they have indeed changed their name.

In case you're wondering, she does speak and understand enough English, and the menu has English translations too.

The restaurant (translated: The Palm) is decorated with warm, soothing colours.

I am seriously looking for serviettes of this red shade now.

Comelnya diaaa.

Yeh, i realise i kind of matched the decor.

They have a deal: 24 euros for either entree and main course, or main course and dessert. My sweet tooth and i would have preferred desserts but it seemed unfair to order any as we had wayyy to much Cadbury choccies still at home, Shah said, and he assured me that next time we'll try the desserts.

1/2 douzaine d'escargots (six snails), 12 EUR

Shah and i loved loved loved the escargots in Victoria Station, so were looking forward to trying escargots here.

We much, much prefer Victoria Station's escargots however (ohhh, Malaysia...how we miss you sometimes...).

They're definitely not "nasty" though; Judy Witwicky was being a total drama queen in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Of course, that was at a different brasserie, but stillll. Shah had three and i wiped out the other three.

Bloc de foie gras et sa confiture d'oignons (block of foie gras and its onion jam), 12 EUR

We were very cautious about foie gras. First, because we weren't entirely sure how to eat it best. Second, because we were trying hard not to think about what it's made of.

The best way to eat foie gras is actually to put a chunk of it on top of a piece of toast, and people like to pair it with something sweet as well; hence the sweet onion jam (note: i Googled this. yep).

Since we weren't too crazy about the taste of foie gras, we just smeared a small amount of it on the toast and add a little of the confiture on top.

How does foie gras taste like? Well, weird is one way to describe the taste, but it might not be the best and most intelligent way. But it's really the concept of trying something out for the first time, i'm sure. I bet if i decided on a whim to try Marmite or Vegemite, the same result would have been produced: nevah agaynnn. But loads and loads of people fancy Marmite, Vegemite and foie gras, so, you never know, i might go crazy and eat foie gras again. Or even buy a (small) pot of Marmite or Vegemite *shudder*.

Pieces of baguettes

on the side

Sauce beurre maitre d'hôtel ou béarnaise (rib steak with beurre maitre d'hôtel or bearnaise sauce), 19 EUR

My main course wasn't too bad, but i have to say Sheh makes better steak than this. 

There are a few side choices, but these potato slices were recommended to me by the waitress. I liked it so much that ever since this dinner, i started to make my french fries this way. As in cut into thin, curvy slices. I have no idea what kind of herb they added on top though.

Heyyyfrench fries. How appropriate, oui?

Demi-poulet aux herbs (half chicken with herbs), 14 EUR

There was a wholeee lotta chicken on this plate!

Too bad Shah wasn't a big fan of it. It was the first time i have ever seen Shah not finishing at least 3/4 of anything chicken put in front of him. I was amazed, really. It means he really, really didn't like the chicken.

To me, the chicken wasn't toooo bad, really, but i still much preferred my steak.

Shah split his side order: half fries and half haricots verts.

Unfortunately La Palmeraie did not win Shah over; he declared he will not come back. I personally wouldn't mind visiting it again, as long as i keep rate conversion out of my head.

Which is probably mainly why Shah isn't coming back; the food just isn't worth the price. Converted to Malaysian Ringgit or not.

Really, it wasn't that the food was so bad or anything; i still think my steak was OK-lahhh. But i have to agree with Shah on there might be a better halal French restaurant out here, just waiting for us to visit it.

And, yeh, i guess i'll never know how their desserts taste like. Ah well. I still have some Cadbury leftovers to comfort me over that thought.

If you're interested to try out this restaurant, you can find them at:

La Palmeraie 27, Rue des Boulets, 75011 Paris

Tel. no.: 0143739174

Details for the restaurant can be found here: La Palmeraie


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