How To Store Makeup Products When Away From Home

I came to Paris with one little bag full of products, plus my brushes kit and three separate palettes of eyeshadows (i simply couldn't bear leaving my glorious The Balm palettes!); click on What Makeup To Bring To Paris and you can see what i came to Paris with.

After about five months here (minus the one month i went back to Malaysia in December) and a trip to England (you know, where Sleek is available), my makeup collection has understandably and expectedly expand. But not having a space or bags to store them in was driving me nuts. Our apartment here consist of a floor-to-ceiling closet in the bedroom with huge shelves and absolutely no drawer. The top shelf is too high up and the bottom of the bottom shelf is the carpeted floor and is way too high to store anything practically other than our luggage. The remaining shelves in between have enough space for our clothes and things like perfumes, lotions and space to store my little makeup bags.

In Malaysia, i store all my makeup stuff in one of those professional-sized makeup bag. I got mine from Stage, and since i am so obviously not a professional makeup artist but would love to own a bag like that, i use it for storage instead. But lugging that bag all the way to Paris would be impractical, not to mention a little pretentious.

So i came to the decision that storing products in little bags is the best way for me for now. I don't know what to call these bags—the best term i can think of is toiletry bags, but i'm sure there is a more flattering name for them.

Little Bag #1: Paris gift bag

My Mommeeyh brought this back for me from her trip to Paris. She went way before i did.

This bag is for storing most of my eye makeup productseyeshadows, palettes, eyelash curler, eye primer— and face powders.

Oh yes, and also my sharpeners. They're in that gross-looking plastic. I wish i could store those in a cuter, more little bag, but ah well.

Little Bag #2: Clarins beauty bag

All my lipsticks, lipglosses and lip liners go in here.

And yes, that says "With compliments from Malaysia Airlines". I was kind of  impressed upon finding out that Malaysia Airlines had a deal with Clarins for their business-class passengers. I didn't get the bag myself though, Shah travelled to Paris in business class and of course, used none of the miniature Clarins things from the bag.

Little Bag #3: Lulu Guinness folding purse

This is one of my babies from the England trip.

It opens up to two see-through compartments; the see-through aspect is the best thing about it, really!

I don't know what this is, a bag or a purse or what, but i feel like it is absolutely handy for storing my little things inside.

Blushes, bronzers and highlighter stay in one compartment.

The other side houses my concealers, eyeliners, eyebrow shadow and gel, and my tweezer is at the very back there.

Little bag #4: No7 gift purse

I got this cute purse for free at Boots, and the fact that it was filled with freebies is even better!

All mascaras, old and new, stay in here, plus a shaver that i used when i'm too lazy too pluck individual, too-fine brow hairs. And no, so far i haven't hurt myself using a bigass shaver on my brow bone.

And that is how i keep my products in place. Now the only problem is, i have no extra bag to transfer certain products into when i'm travelling and don't want to bring every single thing with me.
I know the practical thing is to not buy another cute bag and just use one of these bags, but i really don't like leaving makeup stuff lying haphazardly around. So, yeh.

On the other hand, buying a new little bag might make sense too, as i haven't mentioned "foundation" so far, have i? That's because i just keep them openly on shelves. But i have this fear of knocking one of them on to the floor and breaking it. So on one hand, having a good cushiony bag for storing my foundations sound appealing, but on the other i remember that having five little bags filled with makeup products sound utterly ridiculous.
Sure, four little bags are fine, but FIVE? That's surely going too far.

OK, hope you enjoy getting away from reading actual important current events, thanks for reading this instead!


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