How I Long For That Chinese Seafood Restaurant in London...

I could just kick myself for not noting the name of the Chinese seafood restaurant Shah and i visited on our first night in London...

When we studied in Christchurch, i loved this one Chinese restaurant called Asha. They had loads of tasty dishes, plus these amazing chillied scallops, which i dreadfully miss and can't seem to find anywhere else. But i'm sure it's because i haven't looked hard enough, that's all. (note: any delish scallops tip in Malaysia/Paris would be MUCH appreciated!)

And yes, i realised that Malaysia is full of Chinese seafood restaurants. Malaysia is like crowded with it. Maybe i just have a thing for overseas Chinese seafood restaurants. Hmmm. I must rethink some things when i go home. Then plan visits to various Chinese restaurants offering delicious seafood dishes.

We stayed somewhere near Queensway tube station in London. When we were lugging our bags around to reach our apartment/hotel, i noticed the word "seafood" almost the moment i exited the station, on a restaurant opposite of the station. I turned to Shah and immediately claimed, "Nak makan seafoodddddddddd!".

Clever me didn't even take photos of the front of the restaurant. Must have been the hunger and lusting after seafood thing.

Anyway, i have a feeling that i will find my way to this restaurant when i visit London again. The food was pretty much finger-lickin' and the service was fantasticour waitress was very, very friendly. If anyone knows the name of this delightful restaurant, please, leave a comment!

A feast for the eyes (sadly not for the tummies anymore...but we really did enjoy our dinner that night!):

Scallops as appetiser 
(note: no chillied scallops on the menu, but honestly, i'd love scallops in any way really)

Shah enjoying his scallop

As much as i LOVEEE crabs—they're probably my most favourite seafood, really—i don't usually enjoy picking crabs apart in restaurants. But i haven't eaten any ketam in Paris. At all. Honestly, we can't find fresh crabs here in the supermarket in Paris, although we have seen the frozen kinds in "Little India" (La Chapelle) and Chinatown. Don't Parisians love crabs in all of its shell-ness glory or something, or are the fresh kinds just not readily available?


in finger-lickin' sauce. I did use my hands, and i did lick my fingers. In public. Total badass, right?

Our waitress served us the rice and crab, literally. As in she scooped them up and put them on our plates. How's that for good service?

I even love the rice. I don't know how to make the gooey, sticky kind of rice, but i would love to learn how to, since it's so much harder to eat regular rice with a pair of chopsticks. And you know that somehow, sometimes, it's just a lot more appetising to eat rice and Chinese-style dishes with chopsticks. Like how you see Chinese people eat on tv shows; they just make it looks so delicious. Or is it just me, then...?

Fried baby bok choy with garlic
Because rice is not complete without a veggie dish. For me, anyway.

Bean curd 

in a sauce that i actually sipped throughout the night. It was that good.

A photo of me taking photos of the food

Look at that happy, happy face

Make sure you visit the restaurant if you're ever in the area and are looking for some finger-lickin' quality seafood! (i sure do hope you guys find the right restaurant)



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