Making Regular Pasta More Fun With Eiffel Tower Shaped Pasta

Doesn't this look beautiful? I've never been more attracted to any other pasta, i must say!

La Torre Eiffel is Italian for Eiffel Tower, of course!

The list of ingredients includes "paprika natural flavourings". And yes, if you pay attention, you'll definitely taste the paprika.

How CUTE are these?

If these were not food, i would've been arranging them in a line on my desk, just so that i have something pretty to look at while i go online.

Shah and i really liked the simple Jamie Oliver pasta recipe i tried in my post Dinner Idea & Inspiration: Jamie Oliver's Pasta & Green Olives. Since we had green olives leftovers, i went ahead and made the same pasta again; if you're interested, click on the link to see my version of it, and you will find the link to Jamie's actual recipe in it as well.

Oh and don't worry, i made this pasta less than a week after the first one. In case you worry i let old green olives stew in my refrigerator and actually served them to my husband.

Pasta boiling away...

Pasta now al dente!

As you can see, the vibrant colours got lose in the boiling process. The pink ones for example have now turned into a salmon hue. But it's alright, they still look adorable, really.

I lovelovelove a bunch of good, fresh and juicy cherry tomatoes!

Mixing with yummy green olives here plus some other simple yummy things...

Mix in Eiffel pasta et voila! We got ourselves the same tasty old pasta, but just a little more fun than usual!

I actually prefer thin pastas than chunky ones, but i'm also a sucker for the cutest, most kitschiest things.

Don't forget to have fun while making dinner tonight!



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