Part II, Manchester Version: Shopping Load From England Trip!

The shops that i was most excited to visit in England were Boots, Superdrug (both for makeup stuff), Primark (for their ridiculously cheap clothes and accessories) and Selfridges (because Sophie Kinsella mentioned them in the Shopaholic series).

I had a list of makeup products to get from here that are not available in Paris and Malaysia, and they're mainly Sleek stuff. Sleek is known for their eyeshadows, so i had to get a Sleek palette. Since my 2013 Beauty Resolution is to wear more colours, the i-Divine original palette seems to be the perfect choice.

The Pixiwoo sisters use their Luminous Pressed Powder many times in their videos, so i had to see what the fuss is about. I have oily/combination skin, which means this powder might not be the best for me, but it looks so pretty in the compact, with its little shimmers.

I got this in shade 02. 03 looked a little too dark for my NC42-43 skin.

Sleek Contour Kit seems to be another staple of the Pixiwoo sisters, as well as Tanya Burr, i think. So of course i got it too, in Medium.

These three Sleek products were from the Superdrug in Machester city centre. Along with these, i bought Rimmel Match Perfection in 402 Bronze as well.

OK, so i might have mentioned i wasn't interested in buying another drugstore/pharmacy foundation, but then i bought Maybelline Fit Me. So you would have thought that was it. But actually no, i've had this on my "England Trip" list for a while. This might actually be available in Malaysia, i don't know, but i don't even know when i'll return to Malaysia. Plus this 402 shade can't be found in Paris (justifications, justifications).

We went to Liverpool from Manchester too. We took a lunch break in a mall in the city centre. I have no idea what the name of the mall is, but i spotted a 5-pound bin in this shop called Hannah's Boutique, at the entrance. I seriously had no intention of buying anything there (seriously!) but then i unearthed this gorgeous almost-neon orange oversized clutch in the bin. How could it be 5 pounds?? I wouldn't mind paying double for it, really. But i'm glad i didn't have to!

I got a fantastic Manchester United jersey from Old Trafford Megastore—Shah is a huge Man U fan!—with "v. Persie 20" at the back. I couldn't decide which of the players to print on my jersey, so Shah decided for me. They didn't have any long-sleeved jerseys for the ladies there, so i got very smart and took a long-sleeved jersey, size XL, from the kids' section, which fitted me very nicely! I also grabbed a couple of Man U towels and a fleece blanket to bring back to Malaysia.

I visited Primark briefly in Manchester. They have really cute cheap things in there, but i wasn't completely hooked. I did get a long-sleeved top with the iconic Rolling Stones tongue logo at the front, with my sister Rina on my mind; she's obsessed with the logo. It costs 12 pounds, and i'm hoping to swap that with the tiger-print Pull & Bear top she got from one of our shopping excursions in Paris. She hasn't said yes though, so, we'll see. Anywhoo i love the top myself!

Oh yes, we also visited Cadbury World in Birmingham! I went there when i was 11, but i'll tell you, it was a lot more fun to go when you're younger. But i still had some fun with Shah nonetheless! It took us about 3 hours to get there from Manchester, and 3 hours back, but it didn't matter because we bought loads and LOADS of chocolate! 

Shah and i are definitely going to put on weight for a bit, until all the chocolates finish (which probably won't take too much time, we're fearless like that). And Shah and i had the hugest laughs out of the Curly Wurly ads we saw there. We've never even heard of the Curly Wurly chocolate before, plus some others like Wispa, Chomp, Starbar and Twisted. (update: it's 10 days after we returned and i've been gobbling most of them up. Shah has wisely chose to stay away from them)

I think these are all the things i got from the Manchester trip. In case you're interested to know what Shah got in Manchester, well, he now has THREE jerseys from the Old Trafford Megastore, all with printings at the back (printing costs maybe as much as the jersey). Plus a beanie and two scarves, all from the Megastore. I borrowed one of the scarves a lot too. It's a good thing Manchester United's colour themes are attractive.

So next post will be on the things i got from the London trip. Until then!


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