MAC Morange Lipstick

It's been quite an education to live in a country with four seasons and experience the ever changing trends with the season. I wasn't so much into makeup when i studied in New Zealand, so count that out. Reading about these seasonal trends in Malaysia didn't affect me much, as Malaysia is summer all year round—the hottest, most humid summer you can imagine, i suppose—so i feel like we Malaysians are allowed to experiment with colours and trends any time of the year. Seriously, it's not impossible to find Malaysians wearing leather jackets and boots, regardless of what season it is anywhere else in the world.

But now i am in Paris, and it is spring! My favourite season, and possibly yours too i'm sure. Although if you must know, the 2013 spring in Europe is said to be the coldest ever in 20 years. It was like winter still at the start of spring. Thankfully the weather has warmed up a bit lately.

In winter, it was a lot of dark reds and warm, darker colours. Now that summer is approaching, it's back to the bright, cooler colours. Isn't it interesting how we all kind of wear warmer colours in the cold weather, and wear cooler colours when the sun is starting to scorch?

I still can't leave my red lippies behind, but i'm also starting to use my bright pink lipsticks again. However there is one colour that i feel i am finally, finally ready to experiment with: bright orange. And there is no lipstick more perfect for this experiment than my MAC Amplified Morange.

I've had this since forever, but it's only been used as a corrector for under my eyes (for further info on this, read my post Camouflaging My Super Dark Sunken Undereye Half Circles).

I did try putting Morange on my lips months ago, but i added a darker red on top at the last minute before going out. OK, so i kind of chickened out, but in my defence, that was in winter. I'm pretty positive the spring air would make me brave. Like Meridaoh my God. Merida and her red orange hair! It's meant to be.

The swatches:

The colour is in the orange family, obviously, but i wouldn't say it's a true orange. On my skin, it appears to have some peach to it which is fantastic. The idea of a true orange is a whole load scarier.

On my lips, in slightly different lightings:

Photos of me during the weekend in MAC Morange:

I totally forgot to charge my camera's battery. Daymn. I really should think about getting a smart phone.

I love the colour! It took some time to fall in love with it though, but Shah was the one nudged me in the direction. After that time i added the red on top of Morange, Shah went, "What happened to your orange lips? Why did you change it??", which, to be honest, was a little unnerving. Men aren't supposed to like crazy lip colours, i thought?

I'm not fully satisfied with the lipstick's performance however. Sure, the colour translates well, which means the lipstick is pigmented i suppose, but at the same time it's quite sheer. Does that make sense? I find i have to apply a few layers before it fully covers my patchy pigmented lips. A lip liner is definitely needed here. Which isn't bad news, because i just bought an orange lip liner two days ago!

The shade of lipstick on Jana Kramer at CMT Music Awards sure looks similar to MAC Morange! Doesn't she look gorgeous?

I'm definitely ready to rock this colour. Soon, soon.


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