Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof

Yet another Maybelline mascara i'm a big fan of!

The packaging:

The cobalt blue tube is nothing to shout about, with 'Maybelline New York The Rocket Volum' Express Waterproof printed in sky blue.

The wand:

The Rocket's wand is quite generous in size, with short bristles extending from all around. Big wand big lashes they say!


Normal lashes 

 Lashes curled with eyelash curler

 One coat of Maybelline The Rocket; none on lower lashes

Two coats of Maybelline The Rocket; none on lower lashes

Before and after shots:

I already added a little mascara on my lower lashes in the 'after' photo.


Like i said, i'm a fan! The Rocket reminds me of The Falsies, which i loved. I can't really say which i love more, but right now i'm happy to stick with The Rocket only because i love the big wand it offers. I never used to buy the "big wand big lashes" watchword, but i have somehow psychologically bought the line. What a sucker, i know.

The Rocket gives me what i want in a good mascara: 
- amped volume
- lengthened lashes
- separated lashes
- almost non-existent smudging! 
- the curl stays in place
- it's a nice, dark black

I'm particularly pleased with the none-to-little smudging part. Before today, i didn't understand why people would choose normal over waterproof mascaras, but i just watched a video by Jordan Liberty in his YouTube channel givegoodface in which he advised to stick with normal mascaras because the waterproof formulas result in dry-looking lashes. It made sense, but i am unfortunately one of those people who simply cannot wear normal mascaras. It would just melt onto the area under my eyes. I'm aware of the smudgy look being "in" and all, but it's too bad that it's not a good look on me.

Applying one coat is great for a relatively natural look, plus one coat gives a softer effect as well. 

There won't be any major clumping with this one too. I won't say zero clump, but if there's any, it's not noticeable. Some of my waterproof mascaras would cause lashes to stick together too much after the second coat, but this one performs pretty well. 

The formula is pleasantly light as well. I've experienced drooping of lashes with some mascaras, probably due to the heaviness in their formula—or something like that, can't really say i'm an expert on the science of mascara! As with all the other waterproof Maybelline mascaras i've tried, this one keeps the curl in place beautifully.

Taking it off isn't hard; i usually gently wipe it off with a good makeup remover cloth.

I purchased this for about 9 EUR in Auchan Supermarket in Paris; maybe 8.59 or 8.99 EUR, something like that. I'm expecting the price in Malaysia to be as affordable as the other Maybelline mascaras i've purchased, so when i go home, i'll be keeping an eye out for sales in pharmacy to get a second one!

I hope you find the review helpful. And if you do decide to get this mascara, i also hope it treats your lashes as well as it treats mine!


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